Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scram, Mister Peterson

C'mon, peeps.  Ya gotta love this.  Here in Northern Utah, we have this 'sackless' Jeremy Peterson, Realtor guy, sitting in the catbird seat, and defending his crackpotted and gerrymandered legislative District 9 seat

C'mon, all.. We all know this nitwit needs to go.  Here's the SE story concerning this disturbing situation/race, by the way:
You can do one of two things in this race wethinks, District 9 voters:
  • Vote this idiotic moron, i.e. Jeremy Peterson OUT!
  • Pick a Mature Candidate, i.e, Kathie Darby; https://www.facebook.com/kathiedarbyutah/
C'mon, people.  Tell your local Republican Party to "Stick it" Sheesh.

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