Saturday, October 15, 2016

Big Game This Afternoon: WSU v. Montana State

Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your ass to the stadium

Not to worry. I don't bite much
Whattaya call a Montana State Football team that's 0-4 in 2016 Big Sky Conference play?  DANGEROUS; that's what.  Check out this morning's Brandon Garside story, which sets the stage for this afternoon's Stewart Stadium football tilt, wherein our WSU Wildcats will host a ticked-off Montana State Bobcats team, who'll no doubt be taking the field with a major chip on their shoulder:
Kickoff's set for 1:30 p.m.  Check out KLO Radio and/or ROOT Sports Teevee, if you can't drag your pansey ass to the stadium.  Attention Cable Teevee subscribers.  Root Sports is likely on your channel lineup; Xfinity channel 52, for instance.

GO, Wildcats!

  • Opening drive: WSU 7, MSU Zip.
  • WSU rollin' 14-0 in the first quarter, following MSU fumble.
  • WSU up 21-0 in the first quarter, following a second MSU Fumble.
  • Cats score again in the 1st Quarter  Score: 28-7.
  • WSU scores again  Score: 35-14
  • Bingo again.  WSU 42, MSU 14.
  • Oops MSU scores.  Make it 41-21
  • Bummer. MSU scores.  Make it 41-27
  • It's now 45-27, after a WSU field goal, LOL.
WSU prevails, 45-27:  Here's the full skinny, via the Billings Montana Gazette:
We'll fill in the Standard-Examiner version, once they get their slo-mo act together.

Too funny. The Trib beats the Standard to the punch:
Something from the Standard-Examiner, at long last:
Touche, Brandon Garside.

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