Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Utah General Election Update: House District 9 Voters Have Two Distinct Options This November

Top notch advice! Don't Vote For The Peterson Wimp!

The Standard-Examiner has a very fine story in re our pending 2016 Utah General Election reporting, concerning Weber County's Legislative 9 race, via yeoman reporter Cathy McKitrick,  who writes today about House District 9,  a district which  has been so severely gerrymandered by our crackpot GOP legtislature, that it runs from middle Ogden, to Roy, and West Haven, as if to defy any attempt at common sense.He're's Ms McKitrick's most excellent story. Don't be pansies, people:
Vote Out  the "Pansy"on the right!

Don't go for the pansy incumbent, either, people.

Vote instead for the smart and lovely Kathie Darby fer cripes-sake, because the incumbent, the wimpy Mr, Peterson, has to solely resort to pathetic and ridiculous  "I'm a Mormon"  slams with shameful innuendo, supporting his ridiculously weak candidacy.
Write it down so you don't forget it, WCF Readers..

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