Thursday, October 06, 2016

Conservative Pundit: Donald Trump Is ‘God’s Anointed Choice For President’

Save this one to your "humor files" folder, Peeps:

"In a column today, far-right radio host Laurie Roth writes that "several people" 'have been awakened and given visions and words from God as to who would become President' and they were (additionally told by God) that, quoting again, 'all told that Donald Trump was God’s anointed choice for President.'

Roth reportedly wonders if God is using Trump to “conquer evil” and “build back a country that God loves,” citing a chapter of the Bible that she believes points to a Trump election victory.

Here's the Laurie Roth bloglink, Peeps (wethink):

“Pray for a Donald Trump victory and expect greatness,” she writes. “Don’t do this because Trump is mouthy and imperfect but because he will honor Israel, is a sincere and new Christian who prays to the living God, has exceptional ideas for leadership and who has been prepared for this job…perhaps even by God. I believe God has spoken. You vote accordingly.”

(Don't laugh, people. Many crazed right-wingers listen to Laurie Roth, we're told.) Even more crazed crackpot Mormons try daily to get Ms. Roth's telephone number, we're also duly informed.

So.  Are Republicans crazy enough for your tastes, as the 2016 election fast approaches?

Your Blogmeister's take? 2016 Republicans are total looniebirds.

So what say you, Weber County Forum political Wonks?

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