Friday, January 27, 2017

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Lawmaker Blogs About Women's March, Later Removes All Traces of It

This isn't the first time that the "cocky" Mr. Peterson has suffered "foot in mouth" disease  in the public press

Great Standard-Examiner expose', via top notch reporter Cathy McKitrick.

Here's the lede, folks:
OGDEN — An Ogden state representative drew criticism after making light of Monday’s Women’s March on the Utah State Capitol in a now-deleted post on his blog.
Rep. Jeremy Peterson, R-Ogden, called the action, which drew an estimated 6,000 participants on a snowy day to the capitol, “The Potpourri Passion Protest” in a blog post that he later removed.
“I am sure this won’t be the last protest we see at the Capitol before the Legislature finishes its work in March,” Peterson wrote. “Lets (sic) hope the next one features symbols other than crudely named knit-caps.”
Check out Ms. McKitrick's full writeup, peeps:
Just to fully flesh the whole story out, here's a link to Rep. Petersons's original blog post, which he's now deleted (in a very cowardly manner, may I add) from his Mr. Peterson's Perspective blogsite. Sit tight folks, as it takes something like 15 seconds for this particular link to load, inasmuch as it comes from one your blogmeister's trusty archive recovery websites. Believe us.  It;s worth the wait:
We'll thus take issue with the wonderful Ms. Cathy McKitrick's statement that this arrogant Leg 9 Rep scrubbed his blogsite "without a trace." remember, people, almost everything you post on the internet stays permanently, in one place or another.

And one more thing: This isn't the first time that the "cocky" Mr. Peterson has suffered "foot in mouth" disease  in the public press:
Happily Ms. Kathy Darby is preparing to take on Rep Peterson in 2018, as Ms. McKitrick reports.

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