Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Salt Lake Tribune: Patagonia Drops Out of Outdoor Retailer Show Over Utah Leaders’ Opposition to Bears Ears - Updated 2X

Our take? Why not stick with clean outdoor recreation as Utah's top industry? Why cater to the "dying" fossil fuel industry?

Here's a boffo Pat Bagley political cartoon which appeared in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, people:

Here's the lede, Utahns, via the inimitable  Salt Lake Tribune:
As Outdoor Retailer show organizers open the search for a host city, one major player in the industry says it will boycott the convention as long as it takes place in Utah.
Patagonia announced Tuesday it is withdrawing from Outdoor Retailer in response to a resolution passed last week by the state legislature and signed by the governor, urging President Donald Trump to rescind the newly-designated Bears Ears National Monument.
Here's the full Erin Alberty story, folks:
Take your choices, people, as other "clean" recreation-oriented industries will no doubt follow Patagonia's early lead.  Would you prefer for Utah to be the Outdoor Recreation Capitol of the USA, or, alternatively, would you prefer to live in a state where the air smells and feels like your nose has been taped to a diesel smoker exhaust pipe?

Check your political loyalties WCF Readers, inasmuch as voting Republican in this messed up state can actually kill you and your family.

Our take? Why not stick with clean outdoor recreation as Utah's top industry?  Why cater to the "dying" fossil fuel industry?

Comments anyone? Don't let the cat get yer tongues.

Update 2/9/2017 6:00 p.m.: The chips continue to fall, people:
"Arc’teryx, a company that has long supported preservation of wild spaces, formally announces today its withdrawal from Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah due to the state’s efforts to rescind protection of Bears Ears National Monument and other public lands. The company stands in support of Patagonia’s move to leave Outdoor Retailer in Utah and is following suit. Funds that would have been spent to attend Outdoor Retailer in 2017 will be reallocated to the Conservation Alliance’s new Public Lands Defense Fund," according to the above-inked story.

Update 2/12./17 12:12 am.: It seems that even more outdoor recreation companies are bailing out, according to today's SLTrib story:
Are you happy now Mormon straight ticket GOP voters, now that clean, recreation-oriented  industries are leaving Utah for a more enlightened Colorado?

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