Monday, February 13, 2017

Standard-Examiner Op Ed: Why Would a Northern Utah Lawmaker Want to Kill Rebates for Rooftop Solar Panels?

Mr.Peterson looks like such a clean-cut Mormon boy, no? So what's the deal with his love for dirty fossil-fuel?

Just to keep the conversations going on another slow news day, we'll turn our attention to this tantaliziing Op Ed piece from Standard-Examiner reader Valerie Philips, who contributes her 2/7/17 letter/op ed:

Here's her tantalizing  lede and sodden question, Peeps:
Breathing clean air is critical for every Utahn. One would think our state leaders would want to do everything possible to clean up the gray haze all along the Wasatch Front.
So it's hard to figure out why Rep. Jeremy Peterson of Ogden is pushing a bill to get rid of the tax credit for homeowners who install rooftop solar panels, HB 23. Why would he want to choke out Utah's solar industry, when there are days that our children can't go outside to play because the air is too filthy to breathe?
Read the full story, folks:
Clean, renewable energy is clearly is "booming" people...
Meanwhile, old style "dirty' energy generation goes the way of the buggy-whip:
So why, we ask, would the "honorable" House District 9 Rep.Jeremy A. Peterson want to revert to the nineteenth century and "choke Utah's children" with coal and oil smoke, especially in a 21st century world where the coal and oil industries are suffering their death throes?

Mr.Peterson looks like such a clean-cut Mormon boy, no? So what's the deal with his love for dirty fossil-fuel, and hatred for clean, renewable energy?

Update 2/13/17 10:00 p.m.:  We contacted Mr. Peterson's 2018 Democratic opponent, the smart and wonderful Ms. Kathie Darby, concerning Mr. Peterson's decision to pass a bill killing the existing rooftop solar exemption which we mentioned above, and here's her response:
My first question, why was this credit ever appropriated from the Utah Education Fund? This does not make sense to me. What does it have to do with teacher pay and class size?
I would not discontinue this credit. Solar panels help to produce clean energy. Our air quality has been the worst in the nation this winter. Why would we go against any sort of incentive that helps to make our State cleaner and more energy efficient?
Here are Ms, Darby's Campaign Website and Campaign Facebook Page, people, for those of you who'd like to familiarize yourselves concerning this Great Leg 9 Candidate.

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