Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gubernatorial Inauguration Report

Councilwoman Jeske reports on yesterday's Capitol Hill ceremonies

By Dorrene Jeske
Ogden City Council

I'd just like to share the wonderful experience I had at the State Capitol yesterday.
Hundreds of people were already seated and milling around the Capitol Rotunda a few minutes after 11:00 AM. It made one wonder if the seating was opened early. Even at that early hour, there were no seats available. The occasion was Ambassador Huntsman’s farewell speech and the inauguration of Lt. Gov. Gary R. Herbert as the 37th Governor of Utah. As I looked around, I saw Rep. Brad Dee, Rep. Kerry Gibson, Rep. Curt Oda, Rep. Neil Hansen, Sen. Scott Jenkins, Sen. Allen Christensen, Sen. Jon Greiner and many other members of the Legislature. I also saw former Ogden Councilman Robert DeBoer.

The Utah National Guard was in charge of the meeting. They did a very professional job, and the federal government would have been hard pressed to improve on the quality of the program. National Guard Adjutant General Brian L. Tarbet performed the duty of Master of Ceremony with dignity and preciseness. He acknowledged Greg Bell, the soon-to-be Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Representative Waddoups, and Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham. Carmen Herbert, daughter of Gary and Jeanette Herbert, sang a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

After Bishop Wester of the Salt Lake Catholic Church, gave the invocation, the Rotunda was filled with the melodic and beautiful strains of “America, the Beautiful,” sung by the American Festival Choir, accompanied by the Utah National Guard Orchestra.

Ambassador Huntsman stated that his decision to accept the position as U.S. Ambassador to China had left him with a feeling of emptiness. He said that he was leaving the most enjoyable and rewarding job that he had ever held. He praised Lt. Gov. Herbert and said that Utah is the best prepared state in the nation. Lt. Gov. Herbert has spent the last five years going throughout the State, meeting with local officials and business leaders promoting the joint “Are You Ready?” program. He wished continued success for a state that deserves the very best. He said that he was turning over to Governor Herbert a significant treasure and told him that it was his job to enhance its luster. “Serving has been a privilege and I felt your support. We are all Utahns working hard and with integrity for the greatest state in the nation. We represent the attitude of our great nation working together for the future.” The crowd was on its feet giving Ambassador Huntsman a standing ovation. The applause, whistling and cheering was loud and very long. A twenty-one gun salute paid tribute to him.

Governor Gary Herbert was sworn in as the 37th governor of Utah. The orchestra played John Phillip Sousa’s arousing “Stars and Stripes Forever” as the National Guard gave a 21-gun salute to our new governor. He received the same standing ovation, loud and long applause, whistling and cheering before and after he spoke.

“Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!” were his first words as Utah’s governor. “I cannot take the oath of governor without asking for help from a greater being.” He acknowledged Ambassador Huntsman’s skill and efforts by saying that Utah is the best managed state in the nation. He thanked Ambassador Huntsman for his service and economic dynamics as he assumes “this most important assignment. The State of Utah is most likely to be the first state to recover from the recession.”

“It is time for unprecedented partnerships to create economic stability. When we get the economy right, other things fall into place.” He mentioned companies like Winder Dairies of West Valley, and Gossner Cheese of Cache Valley. “They are successful entrepreneurs, and we must work with them, and with local businesses for continued success. We must recruit new businesses to come to Utah like Proctor & Gamble and EBay. We will make it happen.” He considers it “free enterprise” and free enterprise is freedom. “We need to work to promote free enterprise.”

“We place great value on education. Early pioneers sacrificed to make sure that their children had an education. Our success depends on our quality of education. We need to have a seamless education for our children. . . it is their passport to the world. It will help formalize a ‘Hands-on approach to working with all Stakeholders.’”

Energy will be his third issue to emphasize. “Utah has great resources. We must develop them wisely and responsibly. We need to be concerned with clean air and clean water.” He used the geo-thermal plant, the solar plant and other alternative energy sources as examples. “We must do our part to help the United States to be energy independent.”

He said that he had gratitude for our freedoms and that we must never take for granted the sacrifices of others that make it possible to live in peace and freedom today. “As government grows, liberty contracts.” (He received approval of that statement loudly and strongly.)

He said that we must live prudently. “We should not spend more than we earn, but live within our means. We should demand of government what we can pay for, and we should only pay for what we demand! Governments were created for the people and not the other way around. We should build from the bottom up so that we’re not top heavy.” (He received a long and loud applause at this point.)

He said that during the five and a half years, he has travelled throughout the state, and he will continue to travel listening and communicating with people. He said that the pioneers “made the desert blossom as a rose by working together. We need to follow them to make Utah successful. We can make Utah’s light shine as it never has before. We need to pledge to work together.” (I couldn’t help but compare Governor Herbert’s philosophy and method of operation for success in achieving goals with Mayor Godfrey’s approach of “don’t tell the Council anything, and work behind their back, and make plans behind closed doors so that they and the public don’t know what we’re doing.” Do you think Godfrey will ever catch on to the fact that communication, cooperation and working together are integral components for success?)

Ambassador Huntsman and Mary Kay left the Rotunda and said a few goodbyes. He removed his suit jacket, rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, donned a helmet and climbed aboard a big Harley Davidson. He took his place beside a Highway Trooper and led the motorcade off the Capitol premises.

President Thomas S. Monson gave the benediction. His first sentence was: “We are grateful for the opportunity to attend these ceremonies.” That was precisely how I and many others felt. The National Guard conducted everything with dignity and the proper d├ęcorum. The music was superb and more than once brought tears to my eyes and lodged a lump in my throat. The American Festival Choir sang their final song, “God Bless America.” I will close as they did:

“God Bless America, my home, sweet home!”

Editor's addendum: The Standard-Examiner has an associated press story on this topic up on its "live" website, along with a couple of interesting slideshows.


Wm III said...

Dorrene ...

You're not only an Ogden icon - you're one hell of a reporter ...

You made me feel as if I were at the festivities with you ...

Great job ... fire off a resume to 332 Standard Way, Ogden 84412 ...

Love and peace ...

History is truth! said...

I noticed that the new governor mentioned that we need to get the feds out of our lives. But when this well managed state that is run by the one party system, who is it that help balanced our budget? OH it is the fed government to the tune of 1 1/2 billion dollars. Boy it now why didn't they you can take this money and shove it. No lets just brag about how great we are in balancing our budget. Give me a brake. Why can't they just be honest.

Curmudgeon said...

History is Truth:

I think it was Bernard DeVoto who said the western attitude the federal government is "send us lots of money, then leave us alone."

Blaine Carl said...

But where, oh where, Weber County Forum, is the story about the WinCo Development, refered to as "The Commons," in today's Standard. After reading the article, it appears that our friend and gentle reader "DISGUSTED" can slip on down to The Junction, find a nice restaurant and order up the fired CROW....and then chow down. Looks like his thoughts about Ogden City Business Development, its paying to "clean up" the WinCo site, his gaufawing me about reimbursement, etc. has fallen prey to his lack of understanding and factuality regarding the BD Dept.

Such is the difference between emotional driven rants and factual alternative understanding posts.

Good on the BD Dept for lending the Wright Development a temporary hand, as Ogden is in dire need of this project and more of the same. Also, if memory serves me correct, I mentioned the developer was one of "means," and now that the name is out, check out Wright Development and you'll see that thewy are business orientred, true professionals, performers and very successful in their projects. Ogden should be proud to have them, proud of the BD for its cooperative working with Wrights, and move progressively forward in other well planned developments.

Disgusted, enjoy your lunch.

RudiZink said...

Good news, people. Thanks to Mr. Carl's tip/taunt, the latest WinCo good news story is right up there on the WCF front page.

Let's move this off-topic converastion there... OK?

Brett said...

History is Truth and Curmudgeon,

Just one more comment to the two above, Rudi.

It’s sad that you both are so full of hate and loathing for Republicans that you can’t give credit where credit is due. Governor Huntsman, true to his campaign promise, brought more new businesses to Utah during his 5 years as governor than the governors before him did in their combined tenure, including the Republican governors. The State has never had a in-depth emergency plan jointly with businesses throughout the State. The plan is so comprehensive that it not only covers emergency procedures, but recovering from the loss of data and how to minimize the loss and impact. The psychological effects of a major disaster on employees and their families, and what can be done so that loss of manhours is minimum while trying to recover from a disaster. They have a plan for dealing with a pandemic which affects schools, businesses and everyone in general.

Governor Huntsman kept his campaign promise to better fund education. Admittedly, more can always be done in the education arena because it has not been funded adequately for decades. I do not agree with their voucher program, but that is only one little segment of their agenda, and you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

It is a fact, recognized throughout the country that Utah is in better shape financially, economically, unemployment and just about any other area affected by the current recession/depression.

Thanks to their insight, plans and efforts, Utah is in better shape than any other State in the U.S.

You would probably be finding fault with them if they had not taken advantage of applying for the “incentive” funding in order to meet the needs of the people and communities.

No one is perfect. Unless you can do better than they, or have something better to offer besides whiney complaints, I’d keep my mouth shut so I didn’t look like a total idiot!

Curmudgeon said...

Comment moved to new article comments section

Curmudgeon said...


Ah... a little puzzled, Brett, since my brief post above passing on BDV's comment about the western attitude toward the federal government contained not a word of criticism about Gov. Huntsman. He was, given the general run of Utah Republicans, relatively sane and on some matters, damn near progressive [meaning correct]. I was sorry to see him leave as Governor, though not surprised that President Obama tapped him to be ambassador to China [Democratic executives are, as a rule, more prone to seek out qualifications and talent regardless of party affiliation than Republican ones. Compare Bush II and Obama on cross party appointments if you want an illustration. Or compare FDR with say Harding or Coolidge same point.]

As for my being full of "hate and loathing" for Republicans... wrong again. I'm often sorry for them [I am always sorry for the frequently deluded.] Disappointed in them often [for letting partisanship overcome their common sense]. And I will admit for a few of the more perverse and dishonest --- Rush Limpaw, Glen Beck, Karl Rove, Inhofe, Jim Watts --- loathing may not be too strong a word.

What really puzzles me is you, somehow, found criticism of Huntsman in my citing BDV. Could it be --- possible perhaps --- that your Republican partisanship led you to find something in the post that was not there?

ozboy said...


Wow man, you should listen to yourself when you wrote:

"I’d keep my mouth shut so I didn’t look like a total idiot!"

Just a couple of things in your ill informed rant:

Rudi has long and deep GOP credentials and has done more in the party than the vast majority of people walking around Ogden these days. He is still an active participant in good standing with the GOP (please, let's not hold this against him however)

As to Huntsman bringing more biz to the state than ALL combined governors in history, well Brett, that is just plain idiotic on the face of it. There are just too many instances in history that disprove this wild and inaccurate statement to elaborate here.

For starters we had Gov B. Young (Utah Territory) that "brought" the railroad to Utah, then we had Gov Blood who "brought" Hill AF Base, DDO, the Navy Base, etc to Utah. Gov Leavitt could most likely take strong exception to this ridiculous statement as well.

You really ought to bone up on your history before you make yourself appear to be a total idiot.

Bill C. said...

Oz, Brigham Yound was never Gov. of the State of Utah, just the territory. I might add that he also ran it more closely to the way Saudi Arabia runs today, his personal monarchy. Nothing happened during his tenure with-out his hands on it.
Now I'm not about to join Brett and heap laurels on Huntsman, or any recent GOP gov. for that matter, Cal Rampton or maybe Matheson could get a nod.
But it's funny that anyone would make such a statement. This only coinsides with the rapid rate of breeding, now that India has a couple billion people, the contemporary powers need to produce more jobs than their predisessors, and what about ten years down the road.

Mary Estes said...

Bill C

If you actually read the Ozboy comment I think you will see he clearly indicated that Brigham Young was governor of the Utah Territory, not the State of Utah.

Bill C. said...

OK Mary, but the rest stands.

Rockford J. said...

Huntsman as Republican Governor was about as good as they come, for a Progressive Liberal living in Utah.

convince me said...

Why no posts about our new Governor's lack of expertise in running the Lt. Governor's office?

He absolutely refused to try to help with reform in the election laws during his sprint in that office.

I tried to talk to him personally but he was never available.

Good training for becoming governor.

Dennis said...


Good post! You made the event live -- not just words like Schwebke's. As for Godfrey, I'm not a betting person, but I would bet anyone that Godfrey will NEVER learn about teamwork and will leave the office of Mayor without realizing that he needs to be honest in his dealings and communication with the Council.

Thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

Convince me,

Why would an elected official want to change the rules that allowed him to obtain his elected office in the first place?
A representative will never do anything that is not, ultimatly, in their own interest.

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