Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Utah 2012 General Election: WCF Election Day Special

You know what to do... do it at your neighborhood polling places

It's Utah General Election Day 2012, folks.  You know what to do... do it at your neighborhood polling places.  Utah polls are open from 7am to 8pm, by the way. Unsure of your polling place location?  Click this handy link, provide by the ever-helpful folks at vote.utah.gov:
Regular Utah voters might want avail themselves of the above link to double check.  This year, many regular polling locations have been changed, to accommodate today's anticipated heavy voter traffic.

And here's today's mission, as we see it, people:

No lame excuses, please, from those who fail to exercise their voting rights. As the Standard-Examiner sez, "Get out to the polls and cast your ballot as a U.S. citizen. It’s not only a right, it’s an obligation, a show of respect for your nation."

Still undecided about candidates in the various races?  Check out our right sidebar "election module," for a plethora of information about candidates in today's election.

And as is our tradition here at Weber County Forum, we once again provide the link from the Utah Lt. Governor's website, where you can check out the real-time tallies, as the votes roll in after 8:00 p.m.:
And here's C-SPAN's live-streaming video link, for those folks who'd like to more closely follow tonight's ever-excellent 2012 Election Night Coverage:
 The floor's open, folks, for anyone who'd like to comment before, during or after today's balloting.

Update 11/6/12 7:50 a.m.:  Four more Standard-Examiner items, to whet your political appetites on Election Day 2012:
Update 11/6/12 8:00 p.m.: It's now 8:00 p.m. and Utah polls are now technically closed. Keep your eyes on the Utah Election Results link above; but please be patient, as over the years we've learned that the tote board sometimes doesn' even light up for over an hour after the Utah polling place closings.


BikerBabe said...

my online "find your district" told me I'm in 20/8 for Utah Legislature -- my polling place told me 19/8 for Utah Legislature ... I wonder which is right, and is this significant? I got to vote for Courtney C. White, which I didn't think would happen


rudizink said...

A reminder from one of our gentle readers: "Be sure you check your vote before you hit the final button. Some in Florida are reporting the wrong candidate came up with electronic voting."

rudizink said...

Breaking:  Both MSNBC and Fox News just called the election for Obama.

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