Sunday, November 25, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Brigham City Seeks Public's Opinions at Special Forum

Hold on tight and wait for the "developers in the wings but we cant tell you who" line of buffalo chips.

By Smaatguy

Anyone else nauseated by the article today on ole Matt taking the fine folks and taxpayers of Brigham City to the cleaners to the tune of $100 k?
Sounds like a re-run of  North Ogden, Morgan and Ogden.

Hold on tight, Brigham City residents and wait for the "developers in the wings but we cant tell you who" line of buffalo chips.

Looking at the bright side, it appears that a few Brigham City residents are already "onto" Godfrey's heavy-handed, developer-friendly ways, such as  Becky Maddox, Deanna Hardy and Sherry Phipps, the latter of  whom points out that the constitution “doesn’t give government the right to pick and choose businesses.”

Interesting sidenote: Godfrey's original private sector entity, American Municipal Consultants, has now vanished from the web.


Blackrulon said...

The disapperance of Godfreys "American Municipal Consulting" fro the internet is not a surprise. As is typical of con men when one scam is discovered they simply change the name of the fraud and create another equally dishonest company.

Danny said...

Will Godfrey's meeting in Brigham City include the Geigers, and Gadi Leshem, bodyguard at the ready, with them all dressed in black?  Somebody find out and let me know and I'll be there. Thrown in Chris Peterson and free street tacos and I won't be the only one there.

How about this slogan:  Lift Brigham City.

Good times.

Good times.

Smaatguy said...

It's nausiating that his business model is based on getting communities to either buck up themselves or get them to get a grant to pay him from the feds...just to show them how to get more grant money or handouts....  "He definately didn't build that".  Regarding the website which touted basically Ogden City projects...where did any of them go?....quite the transparent business that doesn't even have a website.... 

rudizink said...

Here's Godfrey's new website:


Curious though that he dumped the Ogden Municipal Consultants moniker though, innit!

AWM said...

This from the Standards story.... "The $100,000 study seeks to promote more jobs and business growth in the city through use of cluster analysis, which identifies groups of related businesses in specific industries whose collective experience and collaboration can provide a competitive business edge. A cluster would include all the supporting entities, such as suppliers and service providers"  Leave it to Brigham City to hire the leading CLUSTER authority...If ANYBODY knows a cluster or how to turn an idea into one, need to look no further than Matthew Godfrey

Anonymous said...

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Bob Becker said...

Not necessarily. OgdenMC sounds like a really local operation. If he's hoping to cast a wider geographical net for business, BCUS is a much better company name, seems to me.

Smattguy said...

Maybe... a little heat for using the city name? In any event its a company built on sucking on the government teat....and teaching others to do the same

rudizink said...

Here's Danny's  reference point for WCF reader who may have been scratchin their heads over Danny's "Black clothing reference."

Here's the text:

"And tonights City Planning Commission Meeting was a hoot. The mixed use
ordinance passed unanimously after several work sessions and revisions.
Tonight there was much discussion on it before it met the final vote.

Brown, Geigers, Gadi were all in attendance wearing black like the
Soprano boys all night as the mixed use ordinance was dealt with late.
They were seen walking down the Blvd after the meeting. What a sight the
four of them in a row and heading to see the gondola hanging right
downtown after midnight. They were there at the CP meeting all night and
left once the mixed use ordinance was passed. That must have been why
they were there. Now for City Council to work with it. "

And here's the link:

One thing's for sure: At least long-time WCF reader "Danny" still pays  attention to Ogden City politics.

So howbout you?

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