Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Breaking: Brigham City Mayor Admits to Extramarital Affair - Updated

Mayor Fife hopes to remain in office despite questions over his ability to lead

According to morning stories in the Standard-Examiner and Tribune, a reckless $100,000  excess of government largess isn't the only problem facing Brigham City, Utah government officials these days, as both Northern Utah newspapers reveal yet another whopping lapse of judgment on the part of of Brigham City's Mayor Dennis Fife:
While Utah does not appear to be among the states which criminalize clergy sexual relations with adult congregants, nevertheless as a Ward Bishop, Fife not only admittedly occupied a position of ecclesiastical authority over his erstwhile paramour, but was also was cloaked with an additional special fiduciary role as her spiritual counselor.  It would thus follow that  Fife was probably bound by a similar fundamental ethical responsibility to this woman in his care as therapists generally owe to their current or former clients, notwithstanding the lack of specific Utah penal sanctions.

As a result, his ethics and fitness for office naturally come into question.

Fife is now exerting extreme effort toward damage control; and we'll be closely following this story to find out whether it'll sell with his ultra-conservative constituents (and government colleagues) of Brigham City.

So whaddaya think, folks, will Fife succeed in sweeping his admitted adultery under the rug?

Update 12/5/12 8:00 a.m.:  Looks like we can add hypocrisy to the fast-growing list of "endearing" traits of the wonderful Mayor Fife :
Don't forget, folks. This A-1 screw-up Fife is Matthew Godfrey's chief cheerleader in Brigham City government.


Ray said...

This is between him, his family, the other woman and others personally involved. Otherwise- who cares...

rudizink said...

 Normally I'd agree with you Ray, if this merely involved a peccdadillo in a private, non-public situation. Unfortunately though, Mayor Fife is a publicly elected official, where misbehavior of this type will likely invite blackmail, continuing innuend0, and the sorts of nastiness which will  will inevitably compromise his ability to neutrally govern as Brigham City Mayor.

Once he's had the time to cool off, Fife should tender his resignation immediately, methinks.

Bob Becker said...

SE reports the Mayor and his city are being sued by a BC policeman he fired for allegedly having an affair with a rookie policewoman he was training.

Danny said...

Sadly, many Mormons lean on scriptures like these

James 5:20

"Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his
way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins."

and 1 Peter 4:8

"And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

Incorrectly believing them to mean that if you are "good" with your stake president, you can do whatever you want, and  you're "good" in general.

Sadly, the emphasis that the church used to place on personal morality and integrity that I remember from my childhood, has given way to an emphasis on "service", meaning "do what your leaders tell you then you can do whatever you want."  That's how we get sociopaths like Mitt Romney who are "good" in the church while being very "bad" people.

Dennis Fife is a symptom of the problem.  He is obviously a stupid, irresponsible, imprudent man.  He should be removed from office for those reasons.  For him him to think he has felt "remorse" and "repentance" while continuing in office, all why having fired others for less, indicates he has no idea what basic morality means either.

Danny said...

Another question that the good people on the Brigham City Council should ask is this.

Given that he no longer had his bishop's office to use to meet women, where exactly was Fife "doing" it?

I'm guessing the best place for privacy would be his city office. 

So when you go see the Brigham City mayor, make sure before you sit down, that you check the seat cushion.

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