Monday, December 24, 2012

Standard-Examiner Letter: Thanks to Many Who Made Mt. Ogden Course a 'Crown Jewel'

Dang.  Do we ever miss our ole buddy Bill C., especially at times like this

Notable letter to the editor in this morning's Standard-Examiner, thanking Ogden City mayor Mike Caldwell, golf division manager Todd Brenkman, superintendent Jeff McFarland and golf professional Jon Fister, Jr., for the "astounding year" experienced at Mt. Ogden Ogden Golf Course, which Ogden resident Jeff Campbell labels "our town’s greatest natural asset":
"Instead of publicly tearing Mt. Ogden down at every opportunity and threatening to sell our assets at pennies on the dollar to fund nonsensical, ego-driven schemes, the city chose to support the course and the positive returns are undeniable," Mr. Campbell sez.

Great innit, to have an Ogden City Mayor in a town which promotes recreation with a rah-rah "high adventure" lifestyle to actually support and promote the recreational assets Ogden already has? Looking back to Boss Godfrey, Caldwell's light-hand governance comes off as a neck-snappiing political segue, wethinks.

Nice tribute to dearly departed regular Weber County Forum contributor Bill Critchlow too, by the way.

Dang.  Do we ever miss our ole buddy Bill C., especially at times like this [sniffle].

Sodden Reminder: Only the good die young.


Doug Gibson said...

That was a nice tribute to Bill

Another Great Idea said...

Hey! Why not rename  MOGF after Bill Critchlow?  If there's anyone who saved it from Godfrey's wrecking ball, it was Bill C.

Bill Crtichlow Fan said...

 Damn rights, AGI.  If the City Council can name the public safety building after an officer who got gunned down in a botched police raid, they can certainly rename Mt.Ogden Park after the guy who actually (and peacebly) saved Mount Ogden Park.

blackrulon said...

Has there ever been a unbiased review of golf course revenues? All we heard during the Godfrey era was doom and gloom regarding expenses and revenue concerning the city owned golf courses.

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