Thursday, December 27, 2012

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Airport’s Growth a Positive

General aviation community griping: frivolous or legit? 

Chirpy editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, playing down the grousing of some of the "good old boys" (long-time pilots) headquartered at Ogden-Hinckley Airport over "new fees, parking changes and security regulations" recently enacted  by the Ogden City Council and the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the wake of the arrival of Allegiant Air as an Ogden-Hinckley-based commercial carrier:
"[T]he new fees are especially hard to swallow, considering the city waived certain fees to bring Allegiant in. With all of the new fees we’re charged, I feel like I’m supporting them (Allegiant); and I don’t like it,” sez general aviation guy Gary Kopecky.

The Standard argues that we should consider these new burdens upon the general aviation faction to be "an investment in Ogden’s airport that helps it grow."  "Such growth will always be a positive," the S-E editorial board intones.

So what about it folks?  Shall we accept the Standard's blanket judgement that Ogden-Hinckley Airport growth will be a hands-down positive?  Or do the long-time long-time general aviation community who've kept Ogden-Hinckley afloat for almost seventy years have something legitimate to gripe about?


A Burr in the Saddle said...

Here's my question:  Who is paying for the full size to go menu, etc.,  for Doolittle's at the
airport that has been running everyday for a month online edition?

DOOlittles Delivers

Sucked Dry said...

 The answer is the taxpayers.

Ogden City gave longtime leech, owner Mel Kemp $1million for marketing.

When you see waste like that in Ogden, you don't ever need to ask who paid for it.  You did.

AWM said...

Can't remember the last time that the Standard ran an article where "Growth" was not cast in a positive light

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