Friday, December 07, 2012

Residents Respond to Brigham City Mayor’s Adultery

Stick a fork in the deluded little dude; he's done
You are a disgrace, sir. And your chief of police is too.
Brigham City resident Ron Aldridge
Residents say Brigham City Mayor’s affair creates ‘a wedge’
December 7, 2012
...I am concerned that we have people in this city of ours that you were involved in them being released from their positions. And now you have done the same. And you stand there and say you will retain your position.
Brigham City resident Flora Reiter
Residents respond to Brigham City mayor’s adultery
December 6, 2012

As a followup to this week's earlier stories, we incorporate this morning's lead paragraphs from the Salt Lake Tribune
City Hall was packed in this small northern Utah city as residents hoped to weigh in on whether Mayor Dennis Fife should remain in office or resign.

Earlier this week, the 67-year-old mayor, husband, father and grandfather wrote a letter of confession to constituents, explaining he had had an affair with a woman he once counseled as a Mormon bishop.
GULP... Major screw-up!
Both the Trib and the Standard offer a taste of the flavor of future Brigham City council sessions, as the philandering Mayor Dennis Fife digs in his heels and stubbornly refuses to tender his resignation:
Seriously.  What did Mayor Fife expect? A standing ovation?

Stick a fork in the deluded little dude; he's done.


blackrulon said...

Mayor fife has successfully diverted attention away from the $100,000 Brigham City gave to Matthew Godfrey for his expertise in creating new business opportunities.

rudizink said...

 Good point, bl.  On the other hand, Godfrey will no doubt be right back in the spotlight, when he ultimately speaks out for his "good buddy," as is his normal form.

Helen Salzbury71 said...

The Judge up in B.E. County is also a very sick and corrupt individual, he collects  rare poisonous spiders and has them put in the linen of  jail birds that pissed him off, I seen it with my own eyes!

Bob Becker said...

I don't think there's a mechanism in Utah for the removal of a mayor absent his having been convicted if a crime in office. There is no impeachment process and I don't think mayors are removable by council vote. If he refuses to resign, I don't think he can be forced out until the next election. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong about tgat.

Bob Becker said...

Excuse typos pls. Fat fingers small tablet keys.

Danny said...

Dennis Fife betrayed his wife and his most important promise.  It seems the question is relevant  to whether he should serve in  a position of power.

As far as the Stake President, the diminutive Ben Lloyd, speaking on behalf of his little pal Bishop Dennis Fife, who Lloyd chose to work under him at Thiokol and who Lloyd also chose as a bishop - these two guys have spent a couple of decades kissing each others butts and scratching each others itches.  So now they can do no wrong in each others eyes.  So what?

Hey Ben Lloyd, little Dennis didn't take responsibility, he blamed the woman for it.  Now, he wants life to go in his mayor job on as if nothing happened.  He shows no indication of remorse at all.  The fact that you've thrown some of your holy water on him and think all is well now, means nothing.

And  it's clear something else means nothing - the opinions of Brigham City residents - to people like Tiny Ben and Little Dennis.  Neither of these men will lift a finger to respect the opinions of the people they supposedly "serve", because when it comes down to it,  they  really don't care.

Pretzel said...

This may be called the Bill Clinton effect. No matter what you do it will be overlooked by many. The issues of trust, honesty and integrity do not count for anything since they have nothing to do with being a politician. 

Disgusted Once again said...

to get a standing ovation he needed to be a pedophile and be a member of the legislature.

Not BC Resident said...

Ethical behavior and trust aside, since we do live in a country where separation of church and state still exists, (the seeming overlap currently not withstanding,) it seems to me the law that was broken is with the church not the state.    

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