Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Official Results for the 2014 Midterm Primary Election

Snoose, You Lose

Via Ricky Hatch's Weber County Election Office:

"Official Results for the 2014 Midterm Primary Election were approved by Weber County Commissioners. See them here":
Election turnout: 6.27%


Looking at the bright side, we guess, those 5,980 voters who did get off their ass and cast their primary ballots in Weber County got lotsa bang for the buck, no?


Chris B. said...

So following the logic of the Weber County commissioners this election was invalid

BlueSky said...

I had (apparently mistakenly) thought that school board positions were non-partisan. Apparently not.

rudizink said...

School boad positions remain non-partisan. In the instant case, there were three candidates for the single Weber School Board slot, and the top two primary candidates will stand for election in the upcoming November run-off.

jane williams said...

Not related, but why is Kerry Gibson hosting a fundraiser for Brad Dee when Mr. Dee already has over $60,000 in his election fund and is running against someone that will not win? Doesn't seem very fiscally conservative to give more money to someone that doesn't need it?

blackrulon said...

Currying favor with the powerful is not cheap.

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