Monday, July 21, 2014

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Put Limits On [Utah] Campaign Cash

Howbout you? ...are you "on the bus" with this, WCF Peeps?

Top-notch editorial in Sunday's edition of our WCF home town newspaper, (the Standard-Examiner.)

Here's the lede, WCF political wonks:
Honestly, is there any argument left against Utah setting limits on campaign donations?
Or, are we once again going to deal with the same pusillanimous arguments by our pols that Utah does not need campaign cash limits, that the idea that big dollars would influence our vote is insulting, and that everything is properly disclosed, ad nauseam, and so on?
After the several-years spectacle of the attorney general’s office being receptive to those with the biggest cash pockets, such enabling rhetoric is enough to make one clutch an air sick bag.
And here's the full editorial for your perusal:
More summary argument from the Standard-Examiner:
Utah is one of only four states that basically have no limits on money that can be stuffed in pols’ pockets for use in campaigns. Also, in the matter of disclosure, Utah falls behind most of the other states. This is a dysfunction that should have been corrected a long time ago. But it wasn’t. Pols, enjoying the access and cash of deep-pocket donors, have instead passed mostly meaningless “baby-step” reforms.
The embarrassing and sickening saga of Shurtleff and Swallow must change the mind set and break down the objections. It’s time to limit campaign cash.
Weber County Forum will be seriously (perhaps feverishly) on this bandwagon during the 2015 Legislative session, concerning the campaign finance reforms which the SE Editorial Board proposes.

Howbout you?

Are you "on the bus" with this, WCF Peeps?

Exhibit "A" for Utah Campaign Finance Reform:

Swallow/Shurtleff Booking Photos
Don't let the cat get your tongues.


Larry the Libertarian said...

Exactly. For example, why does Brad Dee need to fund raise with Kerry Gibson? Mr. Dee already has over $60,000 in his account and he has always maintained a margin of victory of over 25%. I guess you gotta pay to play with the legislature as well. Wouldn't it be an amazing experiment to have all of the incumbents lose?

Pamela said...

Hell yeah!

Carol said...

It tickles me every time I see this photo !

smaatguy said...

Totally.... But with the fox in the henhouse... How is it going to happen?

blackrulon said...

Just put the various offices for sale on ebay. At least then the bids/contributions would be available for all to bid and see who contributed. And with a ebay office in Utah it might help encourage Utah job growth.

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