Sunday, July 27, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Lessons Gained From Stewart Shooting Review

Ultimately, the buck stops with Weber County voters

As a followup to our Thursday, July 17 writeup, wherein we shined the spotlight on the recently released " Ogden Police Department internal shooting review report summary," The Standard's Ben Lockhart jumps aboard the bandwagon with this robust Sunday morning story, again putting the disastrous 1/4/12 blunders of local police agencies into sharp focus :
However belatedly, it's entirely fitting that this story would be splashed all over the SE front page this morning, we believe. Ultimately, the buck stops with Weber County voters, dunnit?

A Weber County Tip O' The Hat to Ben Lockhart, for providing this thoroughly well-researched report.

Sodden Question: Despite the headline, did anybody in authority truly learn any real lessons from this fiasco?

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