Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Big 2014 Campaign Event Tonight: Utah Attorney General Candidate Debate - Updated

Don't forget to mosey on back here later this evening, to share your post-debate notes, folks

Attention Weber County Forum Political wonks. Tonight's the night for the Utah Debate Commission's Utah Attorney General Candidate Debate, wherein Republican and Democratic Party candidates, Sean Reyes and Charles A. Stormont will square off  at 6:00 p.m. in the broadcast venues set forth below:

The Standard-Examiner carries this morning's online story on this topic for those WCF readers who'd like to bone up:
To refresh your recollection, these are the Utah Attorney General candidates who will appear on your November 4, 2014 Weber County ballots, by the way:

Attorney General
State of Utah - 4 year term
Declaration of CandidacyWebsite/Contact InfoCampaign Finance DisclosuresParty
Leslie D. CurtisLeslie D. Curtis Campaign WebsiteLeslie D. Curtis 2014Independent American
Gregory G. HansenGregory G. Hansen Campaign WebsiteGregory G. Hansen 2014Constitution
Andrew McCulloughAndrew McCullough Campaign WebsiteAndrew McCullough 2014Libertarian
Sean ReyesSean Reyes Campaign WebsiteSean Reyes 2014Republican
Charles A. StormontCharles A. Stormont Campaign WebsiteCharles A. Stormont 2014Democratic

Sadly, tonight's debate action will be limited to the GOP and DEMO opponents, as the Utah Debate Commission, in its "infinite wisdom", has cavalierly decided to exclude the three third-party candidates listed below, notwithstanding the fact that they've all qualified to appear on 2014 Weber County ballots:
Here's the UDC live video link, for those who'd prefer to view this event online:
And don't forget to mosey on back here later this evening, to share your post-debate notes, folks.

Update 10/02/14 6:15 a.m.: Both the Standard and Tribune carry brief reports on last night's debates:
ABC4 News provides the full recorded video:

Comments, anyone?

Update 10/3/14 11:45 a.m: Check out excluded UBC Libertarian AG candidate Andrew McCullough's withering post-debate retort:

Here's the "money quote":
I am the consummate outsider. I have never worked for the government, and I am not influenced by what government employees think is good for the government. I prefer to look at the job as legal counsel for the people of the State of Utah, and will work to promote their interests.
Awaken from your crackpot Sean Hannity stupor, O Utah voters.  The 2014 candidacy of Mr. McCullough represent the best opportunity to clean up the Utah Attonet General's Office, once and for all

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