Wednesday, November 05, 2014

2014 Utah General Election: The Aftermath

"Three cheers for one-party rule!"

The Northern Utah print media provides the full post-election LOW-down:
The Weber County Election Office provides the final Weber County vote tallies:
It was a big day for our Utah "blue" state, all-in-all.

Here we go, O Gentle Ones.  Repeat after your blogmeister:  "Three cheers for one-party rule!"


Johnny B. said...

I see based on the figures reported our unopposed county commissioners only received votes from 27 percent of the registered voters. Using their own analysis (of the library bond) I don't think they are qualified to serve.

RMH said...

Mia Love: "I pledge to work every day to keep the federal government out of your lives, out of your pockets, and out of your way.....” So if Medicaid and Food Stamps are cut by at least 50%, what is WalMart going to do?

Amy Steed Morgan said...


AWM said...

You got my vote last night Amy. McAleer got it last time. She would have got this this time as well if she hadn't unnecessarily interjected her opinion about semi auto rifles into one of the debates. THAT did her no favors in an uphill battle to be elected. She was crushed last time and pulverized this time. If she attempts to run a 3rd time it tells me she's unfit for office because she's just not getting the message.

Awm said...

Rudi. Is there an option to edit posts? My follow on comment about McAleer should have been a stand-alone post and not in Amy's reply.

Amy Steed Morgan said...

I thank you, sincerely, for your vote. Thank you for being one of my 2,322!
I hope Mr. Dee knows we'll be back next time to take an additional 40%.
I continue to shake my head, though, at how difficult it is for anyone to get a majority vote without the magic (REP) after one's name.

One Who Votes said...

"I pledge to keep the federal government out of your lives, out of your pockets and out of your way." Oh wait, could it be true that federal highways require federal funds, (read that as taxes,) to keep the potholes repaired and out of my way. My mechanic loves Ms. Love.

rudizink said...

Yes, it's an option, AWM. although editing won't work, Unless you're t "logged in" with a valid Disqus ID.
Why would you NOT do that? Gotta confess that it's a complete mystery to me.

blackrulon said...

Despite what Utah voters are saying about career politicans and the need to elect new people the vote shows otherwise. Every incumbent running for the Utah Senate and House of Representatives was elected again. Every single one was reelected.

Ozboy said...

For me the biggest laugh of this election came the day after. That was when Mealy Mouthed Mia, who ran a campaign basted on straw man arguments, logical fallacies, red herring baiting, avoidance of any real issues and lots of non-sequeters - all financed to the tune of millions from out of state special interest groups - said she was going to Washington to represent integrity!

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