Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Utah 2014 General Election: WCF Election Day Special - Updated

That's right folks. we'll go along with the Standard-Examiner, concerning possibly the most important set of candidate choices of the 2014 election season

It's Utah General Election Day 2014, folks.  You know what to do... do it at your neighborhood polling places.  Utah polls are open from 7am to 8pm, by the way. Unsure of your polling place location? Click this handy link, provide by the ever-helpful folks at Vote.Utah.Com:
Still undecided about the candidates who are worthy of your votes? Check out the our robust Election module in our right sidebar, which also includes information on these two individual 2014 candidates whom we've endorsed:
As an added bonus, we'll embed the text of this morning's strong Standard-Examiner editorial,which provides additional information concerning the three Ogden school board candidates whom we also endorsed.  This is an important editorial folks; so we've incorporated it in full:
Collectively we hope to give voice to the teachers in Ogden School District who are too afraid to speak. We were teachers in Ogden School District and left because of the working environment created there. Some of us have children in the OSD. Many of us have even won teaching awards from Ogden School District but felt that we were undermined to the point where our students’ learning was suffering. While there may be teachers in the district who support the changes, we want to let the public know why over 100 teachers leave the district each year.
For the past few years, we have painfully watched as the Ogden City School Board has blindly approved every policy the Ogden superintendent has proffered. Even as the librarians were let go due to “budget issues” the superintendent was given cash bonuses, and the board acquiesced. When the public outcry reached the boiling point and letters were written, protests staged, and board meetings packed with angry citizens, the Ogden School Board turned a deaf ear ignoring the public’s pleas. When parents and citizens were alarmed at the mass exodus of veteran teachers, and the classroom sizes that topped forty, the board, again refused to act. Grass roots movements consisting of angry parents, citizens, and teachers demanded answers publicly, but the Ogden School Board remained silent and unanimously voted to renew the superintendent’s contract, replete with his cash bonuses.
We, the public, were promised that the “new direction” that the superintendent was taking the district would not lose any programs, teachers, or raise taxes. Each one of these promises was broken, and each decision was made with the unanimous support of the Ogden School Board. Now with the specter of SAGE results discrediting all of the grandiose promises of huge increases in test scores, we would like to urge the voters of Ogden to seriously consider voting in the three challengers. It is time to make a change for the sake of our students and teachers. Please vote for Douglas Barker-2, Dori Mosher-4, and Aaron Garza-7. Our students deserve the credibility and expertise they bring.
-Shane Pearson
-Jan Hollist
-Kristen Baddley-Blunck
-Lisa Vipperman
-Kim Irvine
-Charla Dean
-Lisa Arango
That's right folks. we'll go along with the Standard-Examiner, concerning the possibly most important set of candidate choices of the 2014 election season:
Update 11/4/2014 4:30 p.m.: Check back later this evening for election state-wide tallies after the polls close folks. In that connection, here's a link to tonight's real-time election results, via the Utah.Gov/Elections online utility:
For our Weber County readers' convenience, we're also providing a link for those races which are specific to Weber County ballots only:
Alternatively, Weber County will also be posting tonight's Weber County election results via this page:
For those interested in following tonight's national mid-term election results, check out the NBC News Decision 2014 Website:
And whatever happens tonight, don't let the cat get your tongues.

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