Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Agrees to Pay Attorney Fees in Same-sex Marriage Benefits Case

Utah Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Missy Larsen: "The order speaks for itself"

Heartwarming story Jessica Miller/Hessica Dobner story from the Salt Lake Tribune:
The state of Utah will pay attorney fees for the plaintiffs in the Evans v. Utah case, which sought spousal benefits for same-sex couples wed in the Beehive State during a 17-day window when their unions were temporarily legal.
The state will pay $95,000 to attorneys for the eight plaintiffs, according to an order signed by U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball on Monday.
The order also makes permanent, a temporary injunction Kimball issued last May, directing the state to recognize the marriages and officially closes the case.
Here's Ms. Miller's full writeup:
"Utah Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Missy Larsen declined to comment, saying the order speaks for itself."



blackrulon said...

Isn't the story wrong when it say "their unions were temporarily legal? I thought the suit proved their rights were always legal and the denial was wrong.

rudizink said...

Yep, BR. Exactly right! The Trib story's phrasing was a mite inaccurate, I think.

Danny said...

Actually, several judges have now ruled that gay marriage is not protected by the Constitution, so the matter is not "decided" as you claim.

And as far as Utah being the most conservative state, that is nonsense. Utah's leaders caved in on this issue with a sense of urgency. They are cowards and venal scum.

Other governors in this country have stood up for their citizen's rights to make law over and above the rights of political judges to force their will on the public.

Utah's government is slimy. They tolerate people like Shurtleff and Swallow and don't stand up for any values at all. It's the voter's fault. The new Republican AG, Reyes, is probably a good guy, but good grief he was appointed by Herbert, himself a corrupt crony of Shurtleff and Swallow.

I've said it before - given how stupid Utah voters are it amazes me the politicians aren't even more corrupt. Perhaps Swallow and Shurtleff read my post and concluded I was right. Two totally corrupt people and yet look what it took to get rid of them. Amazing.

blackrulon said...

Utah did not cave in on this issue. They were willing to continue to spend taxpayer dollars on endless appeals. It was only when the SCOTUS declined to hear the appeal that they stopped.

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