Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Deseret News Editorial: State GOP Leaders Need to Follow the Spirit of Compromise and Let SB54 Do Its Work - Updated

 Isn't it high time for the Utah GOP to quit kicking, screaming and dragging its feet? 

In the wake of Federal Judge Nuffer's Friday decision, denying the appellant Utah GOP's application for a preliminary injuction in the SB54 "Bait and Switch" matter, we'll direct our readers attention to this morning's strong Deseret News editorial, capably making the sound argument that Utah's exceedingly petulant Utah GOP leadership ought to just "throw in the towel," and "play ball".

"With time, the changes in SB54 will lead to more representative and inclusive government, which will increase participation. It’s time for GOP leaders to respect the good-faith compromise that resulted in the law and stop trying to fight it," urges the Deseret News:
No. "The law isn’t perfect. It could lead to primary ballots with multiple names, or to candidates advancing with the support of less than a majority. But these are issues future Legislatures can tweak with amendments. The important thing for now is to shake loose the nominating process," the D-News editorial board adds.

Our take?  The Utah's GOP's continuing stubborn opposition to the SB54 compromise, which "was passed by a Republican-dominated Legislature and signed by a Republican governor," after all represents an accurate and precise reflection of the politically out of touch attitude of  the Utah GOP "leadership" apparatus, which prompted the Coint My Vote petition drive in the very first place.

What say you, O Gentle Ones?  Isn't it high time for the Utah GOP leaders (so called) to quit kicking, screaming and dragging their feet, and start behaving like grownups?

Just a thought.

Update 4/15/15 9:25 a.m.: The Salt Lake Tribune also chimes in on this topic, with a like-minded editorial of it's own:

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blackrulon said...

The usual legislative response to any successful ballot proposal is simply to increase the degree of difficulty to get on the ballot. Facing the prospect of CMV being passed by Utah citizens the GOP voted for the compromise. But they seem to view the compromise as just a delaying tactic until they could find a friendly court to overturn the compromise. The GOP had no intention to honor their legislative vote and simply wanted more time to go back on their promise.

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