Monday, April 27, 2015

Standard-Examiner: New Waterfall Trail Access Warning Irks Hikers

Uh-oh. Looks like our quirky neighbor directly  east (Chris Peterson) is on the warpath again. Be sure to carry your photo IDs people, if you're planning a stroll up (and down) Ogden's Waterfall Canyon. Then again...maybe not.

Here's veteran SE report Cathy McKtrick's lede to this morning's SE story:
OGDEN — Around noon Friday, a sign appeared at the 29th Street trailhead informing people to bring ID and acquire wristbands if they intend to hike the Waterfall trail. But within a few hours, it had been removed at the request of Ogden City.
When the check station at Waterfall Creek is staffed, Photo ID and a wristband will be required to ENTER or LEAVE Waterfall Canyon,”the sign said, listing as its reference. That URL diverts people automatically to a Facebook page bearing the same name.
Read up, peeps!
Here's the kicker once again, Ogden City residents, just in case you missed it.: "But within a few hours, it had been removed at the demand request of Ogden City."

The encouraging interpretion of this?  Peterson is painfully aware of his subject property's susceptibility to public prescriptive easement rights, which were established way back in the early 1900's, or earlier.

Our take? Mr. Peterson hasn't demonstrated such a public control-freak hissy-fit since 2012, by our reckoning:
1) Here's to wishing Chris Peterson (Earl Holding heiress's hubby) sound mental health, sometime in the near future.

2) Let's encourage Mayor Mike to sic our Ogden City Attorney (Gary Williams?) onto this case, to establish, once and for all, the legal nature of the rights of the public, regarding the trails east of Ogden.

Comments, please? O Gentle Ones?

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