Friday, April 17, 2015

Wonkette: Christian Texas Lady Thinks Religious Freedom Protects Her Right To Feed The Homeless, AS IF

Top-notch cranky morning writeup from one of our all-time online favorites, The Wonkette.  Here's the gist, folks:
Pffft. Everybody knows that the proper way to exercise your religion is in a church — or by denying health care to lady employees or refusing to provide floral arrangements and pizzas to gay couples gettin’ gay-married to each other. Ms. Cheever, however, does not understand how the rules work and foolishly told the ticketing officer, “This is how I pray, when I cook this food and deliver it to the people who are less fortunate.”
Sorry, Ms. Cheever, but according to the city of San Antonio, if you want to do your do-gooding, you’ll have to take it to the city’s designated homeless shelter downtown. And pay a $2000 fine for illegally feeding the homeless from your unlicensed food truck in a No Feeding The Homeless Zone, as you’ve been doing for the last decade but all of a sudden, it is A Issue.
Read up, peeps:
Sodden editorial-style overview, posed by one of our most cherished WCF readers, semi-privately:
"I guess to be a Christian you have to talk like one but don't go acting like one, that will get you in trouble in bible thumping country."
Comments, please anyone? Ferris?


blackrulon said...

She would have a better case if she had fed the homeless with fish and bread like Jesus.

rudizink said...

I dunno, BR. She's craftily "Grooved In" to these stupid "Religious Liberty" "laws," methinks

Ozboy said...

She coulda avoided all this bull shit from the State of Texass if she woulda framed her efforts as an Obama protest.

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