Saturday, July 04, 2015

July 4, 2015 Independence Day Special

Above all, have a safe and sane holiday, folks

Just to set the stage for this week's Fourth of July l-o-o-ong holiday weekend, we'll cast the spotliight on a couple interesting articles/essays, theorizing about the broad cultural and historical peculiarities surrounding our nation's so-far successful founding:
As an added bonus, here's a third.  Although we don't necessarily agree with this article' s analysis and conclusions, this one's chewy enough to deserve a spot on today's Weber County Forum holiday reading list, wethink:
As an added bonus, we'll provide a couple of holiday admonitions, folks:

1) Remember to keep your pets safe, Peeps. Although our nation's pets have vowed to refrain from "going apeshit" this year, a word to the wise ought to be sufficient (we hope):

And if you're one of the many Utah residents who've recently returned from Evanston, WY, with that obligatory trunk-load of high-explosive ordnance, (which you're eagerly planning to ignite overt long holiday weekend,) and see this sign planted on your neighbor's lawn, please demonstrate some empathy and neighborly respect:

We hate to come off as a nag, but please (pretty please with sugar on it), keep in mind that many of your neighbors are nowhere nearly as enamored of "things that go boom," than "some" cretins who reside alongside all of us in our relatively compact and densely populated community.

Above all, have a safe and sane holiday, folks.  Hopefully we'll all emerge from this year's Independence Day holiday at least relatively intact.

Updates 7/4/15:

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