Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah GOP Legislature: While Medicaid Debate Drags On, Utahns Are Dying

Utah legislative Death Panels, anyone?

As the Utah GOP "Gang of Six" keeps on dithering about Utah Medicaid expansion, we'll shine the spotlight on two kick-ass Northern Utah media articles which truly highlight the sheer heartless sleaziness of the Utah GOP majority, who rule our Utah State legislature with a Cruel Iron Hand:

Both the The Trib and Utah Policy carry compelling stories, illustrating how at least one Utahn died, due to the Utah GOP's crackpot opposition to the incorporating of AFA provisions into Utah Medicaid law:
There have been many more unnecessary deaths, of course.

Utah Legislative Death Panels, anyone? Check out the current Utah Gummint death panel photo image, which we've embedded above.

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