Monday, July 13, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial: Feds Can’t Steal Land They Already Own

And one other thing:  Keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple

Most excellent Salt Lake Tribune editorial commentary this morning.  Here's the lede setrup:
How can you steal something you already own?
That's the Mad Tea Party question that occurs upon hearing that the Utah's Rep. Rob Bishop has predictably gone ballistic over President Obama's move to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land by proclaiming new national monuments in Nevada, California and Texas.
The congressman condemned the action, calling it a "shameful power move, which makes states and citizens fearful that the federal government can invade at any time to seize more lands like bandits in the night."
Seize? Bandits?
All the land covered by the order is already federal property, property that the president is duty bound to leave to the next administration, and to future generations, in at least as healthy a state as it was when he found it.
Read the savvy full Trib editorial, folks:
We'll be patiently awaiting Rep. Bishop's Koch Bothers'-laden propaganda retort, we guess.

And one other thing:  Keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple.

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