Friday, April 20, 2012

Standard Examiner Pre-convention News Roundup

The full panoply of pre-convention S-E morning stories on the races which impact Weber County residents

On this morning's hard-copy edition front page, Standard-Examiner subscribers find this tantalizing headline: INSIDE: A closer look at the candidates before Saturday's conventions.  For the benefit of S-E non subscribers, and in the interest of implementing our expanded Weber County Forum coverage of the 2012 Utah Election, we've rounded up from the S-E website the full panoply of S-E stories provided in this morning's edition, in advance of tomorrow's Democratic and Republican State Party Conventions.  Gotta say the Standard has done a danged good job this morning. Here, gentle readers, are those S-E pre-convention morning stories on the races which impact Weber County residents:

U.S. Senate Race:
District 1 Congressional Race:
Utah Governor's Race:
As an added bonus, here's a related story from the S-E digital edition, addressing the peculiarities of the Utah convention nominating process:
That's it for now, WCF readers. We'll be anxiously sitting on the sidelines, of course, champing at the bit to report on tomorrow's convention results.

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Danny said...

Wow, only three years since the most corrupt governor in America, Gary Herbert, beat Corroon?  It seems like yesterday.  Time is passing.

Hooray for the challengers to the sick and twisted Herbert.  Kick him out in the convention you delegates.

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