Monday, May 14, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Accused Cop Killer’s Family Plans Ogden Rally ‘for’ Police

As a followup to our last Ogden 1/4/12 Shootum-up story, the below-linked Salt Lake Tribune story offers one lame new reference to developments in the case:
Here's the sole useful reference in this weak story as to what happened in court this morning:
In 2nd District Court on Monday, attorneys set a May 22 hearing to determine whether the defense’s request for funding for a private investigator should be heard in open court or during closed proceedings.
The details of that interesting nuance?  Trib reporter Aaron Falk launches off into a peripheral facts and leaves discussion of this main issue entirely out of his story.

We heard yesterday from the Standard-Examiner that the Tribune had laid off a few newsroom employees

With today's lame Trib article, perhaps that newsroom "culling" is already "starting to show."

Your blogmeister would have given you the full inside skinny on this after this morning's continued Status Conference,  by the way. Unfortunately he was locked out of Judge Hyde's courtroom, along with at least another Press Reporter, when he arrived at the locked courtroom door at 9:26 a.m., a full four minutes before today's court proceeding was set to begin.

Judicial tyranny In Ogden's 2d District Courtt at the expense of the First Amendment?

You be the judge.

Update 5/14/12:8:00 p.m.: Tim Gurristers' post-hearing story is now up on the S-E website, where the intrepid veteran S-E court reporter doesn't even bother to mention what happened at today's hearing, but nevertheless waxes on about the May 18 sideshow:
Welcome to the brave new world of print journalism folks, where even local S-E journalists won't report anything that won't sell newspapers.


Marcyt75 said...

I'm confused ... do you mean 2nd district court is being tyrannical? First district is Box Elder ... 

rudizink said...

Thanks for the correction, Marcy.  I've now corrected my inadvertant error.

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