Friday, May 18, 2012

City Council Solicits Further Citizen Input Regarding Council Consideration of the Proposed Culinary and Storm Water Master Plans, FY2013-17 Capital Improvement Plan and Utility Rate Ordinance

Time to put on the full court press, wethinks

Here's quick heads up for Ogden City citizens who are concerned by the pending Ogden Water rates citizen rip-off.

We received a cordial invitation this morning from Amy Sue Mabey, Communications Coordinator for the Ogden City Council:
Thursday, May 17, 2012 4:39 PM

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, the Ogden City Council held a public hearing regarding the proposed Culinary and Storm Water Master Plans, FY2013-17 Capital Improvement Plan and Utility Rate Ordinance. At the close of this public hearing, the City Council decided to continue Council deliberations to May 22, 2012.

The Council will make its decision on May 22, 2012. If you wish to provide additional input, please do so prior to the May 22nd meeting. Input can be provided via: e-mail —; phone—(801)629-8153; or mail—2549 Washington Boulevard, Suite 320, Ogden, Utah 84401.

Thank you,

Amy Sue Mabey, MPA
Communications Coordinator
Ogden City Council
Thrifty and water conservation oriented Ogden water users dodged a bullet last Tuesday, when the Council wisely tabled this matter for an additional  week of further deliberation. Obviously the council is sitting on the fence on this. Don't sit on your own thumbs, folks; let's not let Ms. Mabey and the Council down.

Short of words?  Here's a link to our handy WCF talking points crib-sheet:
And here's another one, for good measure:
You know what to do, Ogden City water rate-payers.

Time to put on the full court press, wethinks:

Ogden Lumpencitizens Rally to Oppose Water Rates Rip-off


rudizink said...

 Click this contact link and tell Ms. Mabey, and the City Council, that
there should be no "maybys" on this.  The Council should consider one of
these two options, in my view, and no others:

1) Dump this dumb proposed "rip-off" ordinance amendment entirely and start all over; or,

2) Further "table it,"  until these dipshit "consultants  from Lewis
& Young can put together a proposal that doesn't shift Water Use
costs to to the lightest users of Ogden City Water users.

One more thing.  Whatever happens in Tuesdays' Ogden City

Council meeting, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the Council
will at least pass a provision requirng that all moneys yeilded from
Water Rates Rip-off won't automatically revert to Ogden City's General

Justaxin said...

 So who are the biggest water abusers in Ogden City? And why is the Calwell administration protecting them with favorable rates?

rudizink said...

 This is just hearsay, but based on my converastatiions with several Ogden City Council critters... Fresenius is by far the most noxious water abuser in the Ogden City.

Ogden Res said...

 So true.  And so simple.  If only the city council will heed your words.

Ogden Res said...

 I don't mind Fresenius using a lot of water. 

What I do mind is a proposed highly complex system of rates that no one can understand, that rewards wasteful users, punishes those with secondary water, and only serves as a smokescreen to "raise" money for the city general fund.

And I mind whores like Lewis and Young that take public money to try to sell the crap.

rudizink said...

 Whoa!  You just nailed the whole problem in a mere 40 words.  Nice work!

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