Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Stewart Wants to Fire His Public Defenders

Looks like a wise move on Stewart's part

Fascinating development in the Matthew Stewart shootout case.  Both the Standard-Examiner and Salt Lake Tribune are reporting that defendant Stewart wants to discharge his court-appointed public defenders, and replace them with local legal hotshots Bernie L. Allen and Jonathan Grimes:
The Standard reports that "Second District Judge Noel S. Hyde on Tuesday ordered a May 31 hearing to consider Stewart's request." Inasmuch as a defendant's right to select his own preferred counsel is legally regarded as fundamental to exercise of his Constitutional Sixth Amendment rights, we'll go out on a limb and predict that Stewart's request will be a quick slam dunk, more or less.

Looks like a wise move on Stewart's part.  Our only question? What the hell took him so long to decide that Bushell and Albright weren't cutting the mustard?


Phoenix3555 said...

Probably had to get enough money in order to make this request.

rudizink said...

Hopefully the donations will continue rolling in.

JR Raskob said...

Here is a perfect chance for all of those that support Stewart to put up or shut up. When it comes to laying out their own money, many of the those that opine, melt into the background. Let's hope that does not happen here.

jaweight said...

Hopefully people will be smart enough to not waste their money on donations to a drug addict and murderer.

YVEH-1 said...

 Drug addict? Murderer?  Thankfully you probably won't be sitting in as a juror when this case goes to trial.

YVEH-1 said...

Bushell and Albright are sap-sucking morons, whose sole involvemnet in this case probably amounts to setting up a "plea deal."

Good riddance to these two morons.

Bring on Bernie L. Allen and Jonathan Grimes, who are definitely "kick ass" criminal defense lawers.

Bobsawatzki01 said...

Matthew Stewart Rally, May 18. 2012
"Something happening here / What it is ain't exactly clear..."

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