Thursday, May 17, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Chief Poster Child for Hatch Act Problem

Regular Weber County Forum readers will recall Former Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner's valiant Hatch Act fight, and how after years of gruelingly expensive litigation, the whole situation didn't work out so well, either for Jon Greiner, or for the beleaguered citizens of Ogden City either.

Well, the Hatch Act fight ain't over folks, according to this morning's Salt Lake Tribune story:
So how would you characterize Jon Greiner at this point, Weber County Forum readers?
  • Arrogant Godfrey Administration scofflaw? or,
  • Brave Civil rights freedom fighter?
Vote in our poll, which we've also conveniently placed in our WCF right sidebar:

Is Greiner a hero... or a zero?

Don't let the cat get yer tongues, folks.


Ray said...

Spin-miesters will try and make Greiner the victim and evoke sympathy for his plight. He knowingly, with fore-thought, and intent violated an existing law. In his formor role as the Ogden top-cop he should have known that makes one guilty regardless of his opinion of the law.  If the typical criminal used that logic nobody would be guilty. Not a good example of law enforcement ethics by a law enforcement professional. Hardly a poster child...

Smaatguy said...

OT...ya all seen that parking structure going up at the Junction?...totally wipes out any kind of visual coziness that the storefronts of Golds and Desert book had...not that there was much, but didn't anyone learn from the old parking structure placement and look?  Thats alot of prime real estate at the core of the block and its being used for a ugly parking structure...whats next another bridge across Washington?  That hotel looks like a Alamo-Taco Bell...

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