Saturday, May 26, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Officials Worry Dirty Air Threatens Fed Road Funds

Right wing nut case hypocrisy, anyone?

By: Val Holley

This is side-splitting: Utah's goose-stepping. GOP, Tea Party-elected municipal officials are terrified their federal funds will be yanked!
With apologies to the Trib's Lee Davidson, the headline OUGHT to read, "Utah Officials Turn Up Noses at Federal Money: We'll Build Our Roads Ourselves."

Editor's Addendum: We believe that long-time WCF reader VH makes a valid and not-too-subtle point.

What about vous?


blackrulon said...

It is not like the situation when legislators declined to receive federal funds for extended unemployment money. The legislators had jobs so they were not worried about problems caused un unemployment. But it has come to their attention that everyone, including the unemployed, have to drive on our highways and yes even breath our poor quality air.

Bob Becker said...

More leftist socialist progressive drivel from you, Rudi. As Cong. Rob Bishop [R-Energy Solutions] has explained over and over again, federal spending does not create jobs... unless of course that spending happens at ATK or Hill AFB or anywhere else in his district or affects his constituents.   But federal spending anywhere else, he's explained again and again, does not create jobs. Weren't you listening?

rudizink said...

 No doubt about it, Bob.  I definitely need to get back in touch with my inner Rob Bishop.

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