Monday, April 15, 2013

Breaking: Explosions and Injuries Reported at the Boston Marathon Finish Line - Updated

Three reported killed; one-hundred or more injured

Via Fox News13 2:26 p.m.: "We have live streaming coverage of the incident at the Boston Marathon, where 2 explosions rocked the finish line" (Updated):
The Standard is already front-and-center with this 2:24 p.m. Associated Press story:
Update 7:30 p.m.: The Boston Globe is all over this story, of course, since this is all occurring in the Globe's own backyard.  Here's the Globe's  Boston.Com online front page, which presents their own ever-growing and home-grown series of text, photo and video pieces:
What a messed-up world we live in, eh?

Official story "unravelling"
Update 4/16/13 10:00 a.m.: As per normal, the usual government conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork:
Just because you're a paranoid crackpot, it doesn't mean they're not out to getcha, right?

Also, there's relevant and interesting coverage of the "local angle" this morning from the Standard-Examiner:
That's it for now, folks.


googlegirl said... - Boston Marathon Bombing

AWM said...

Since these bombs were made with 6 quart pressure cookers can we expect legislation to be ram-rodded through ASAP to reduce their capacity to say, one or two quarts for non police/military cooks?

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