Thursday, April 25, 2013

Utah Political Capitol: Utah’s Air Gets “F” Grade From American Lung Association Report - Updated

Breathe much? In Utah, you do so entirely at your own risk

Whee! Looks like Utah, America's "best-managed" state, has made its way to the very apex of yet another intra-state comparative list. On Wednesday, the American Lung Association released its annual State of the Air report; and several counties in Utah (including our own Weber County) received “F” grades, according to this morning's Utah Political Capitol story:
Breathe much?

In Utah, of course, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Perhaps it's time for Mayor Mike to aggressively jump aboard the clean air bandwagon again?

Update 4/25/13 1146 a.m.: In a possibly related story, The Standard reports this morning that Utah residents are among the nation's most stressed out, according to a Gallup poll published this week:
This of course prompts at least one WCF reader to privately comment, "Must give "props" to ranking as 6th most Stressed Out state in the nation as well Rudi...suppose there's any connection?"

While we'll venture that the data isn't in to necessarily confirm that connection, there's one apparent correlation that we can observe for sure, as Utah also reportedly tops the nation in the usage of anti-depressant medication:
Can't breath? What's to worry about, we ask...?

Utah: Prozac Capitol of the Whole Danged Planet
 Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones...


blackrulon said...

There will be nothing accomplished in clearing our air until the NRA discovers it makes firing your gun more difficult.

AWM said...'re giving the NRA way too much credit. Their approx. 4 millions members (of which I'm not one) make up less that 1% of the US Population (313-335 million +/- not sure if they count illegals or not) and just don't have that kind of clout. BUT, as far as that haze in our air goes, it will dissipate just as soon as the anti's stop setting the edges of the 2nd Amendment on fire.

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