Tuesday, April 02, 2013

WSU Wildcats Play Tuesday For National Post-season Tournament Championship - Updated 3X

Tickets re selling fast, folks, so don't dawdle

There's Big Time Excitement on the Weber State Campus this week, as students and WSU hoops fans get revved up for Tuesday night's commensurately Big Game, where our talented and classy WSU Basketball squad will not only host at home but also play for a first-ever post-season national tournament championship.  To our considerable delight, the Weber State Wildcats will take to the floor in the Dee Events Center (DEC) at  6:00 p.m.on Tuesday night (4/2/13) to tip off against East Carolina University for championship bragging rights in the 2013 CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament (CIT).

Just to get your juices going in advance of Tuesday's Big Game, here's the pre-game skinny from the Standard-Examiner:
And here's a comprehensive and stats-filled story from the WSU Athletics site:
Tickets re selling fast, folks, so don't dawdle, if you'd like to support the Wildcats and see high quality college round ball played in the Purple Palace at lest one more time this year.   If you can't make it to the DEC ticket office, you can reserve and purchase your tickies here:
As an added bonus for those WSU students among us, we learn from the WSU Athletic Department that, just as during the regular Big Sky Conference season, "each WSU student can present their ID for admission to the student section, and they can also present their WSU Student ID at the Dee Events Center ticket office to receive one complimentary ticket for one guest."

Looks like WSU is the team to beat, if we can rely on the current Vegas line, which shows WSU as an 8.5 point favorite.

In the event that you're still not sufficiently charged up to get out and support our WSU Wildcats on Tuesday night, check out this snazzy WSU video promo piece:

And here's another "good one," just for good measure:

There's been much public hubbub about the worthy goal of  transforming Ogden into a full-fledged college town, whatever that means, but it seems to us that one good way to achieve that lofty ambition would be, for starters, to pack the Dee Events Center house on Tuesday night, folks, don'tcha think?

Watching our WSU team receive a national tournament championship trophy on the DEC floor wouldn't be a half-bad spectator experience either, wethinks.

DEC "mob scene"
Whatever you do, don't sit on your thumbs and wait for the last minute to get your tickets. In that connection, we just spoke with one of our basketball-fanatic WCF readers who reported that the DEC ticket office has been a "mob scene" all morning.

Yes. Snoozers could be losers.

Let's call it for what it is... a once in a lifetime event... something that no self-respecting local sports fan should want to miss.

Your blogmeister already has his game tickets... howbout the rest of our Gentle Readers?

Update 4/2/13 7:00 a.m.: The Standard is all over this "once-in-a lifetime" story this morning, with three (count 'em 3) brand spankin' new pre-game writeups. Needless to say, the Standard's caught the "buzz":
The Salt Lake Tribune lends some late-breaking post-season tournament perspective too:
See ya's at the Big Game, fellow WSU B-ball Fan(atic)s.

Update 4/2/13 9:00 p.m.: Via WSU Athletic Department:  Heartbreaker. Wildcats lose 77-74 on a buzzer beating three-pointer by East Carolina. WSU ends the season 30-7."

Your blogmeister watched the whole danged thing from the edge of his seat. What a shame it is that either of these hard-playing and talented teams had to lose this exciting and evenly-matched hoops contest.

Update 4/3/13 6:00 a.m.:  The Standard's Roy Burton provides three post-game stories this morning, chronicling last night's heart-breaking WSU tournament defeat:
The Salt Lake Tribune's Martin Renzhofer also provides his own "unvarnished" writeup:
So what about it, Wildcats fans? Anyone wanna offer their own BIG GAME and/or 2013 season post-mortem?


Bob Becker said...

1. Were I a betting man, which of course I'm not since it's as illegal as letting a restaurant diner see a barkeep draw his beer in this state, think I might put a quarter or fifty cents down on EC and take the points. 8.5 strikes me as a pretty beefy spread especially with Bolomboy iffy for the game ( separated shoulder).

2. Attended both the Air Force and Oral Roberts tournament games. Good crowds, loud and into the games. Lot of fun. They get a good loud crowd, into the game, this one should be lots of fun too.

3. Let us hope this time, unlike for the UNI game, the tournament committe has hired deeply experienced referrees who are neither Quick Whistle Charlies nor White Cane wielders. .Please?

4. Go Wildcats!

rudizink said...

Yep, Bob, this morning's S-E story reports that even now Bolomboy "is listed as questionable for tonight," and his rebounding talents will be sorely missed if ultimately isn't cleared to play.

I spotted you at the Oral Roberts game, btw. Woulda walked over to say hello; but you were in a near full sprint, headed in the direction of the "men's" comfort station, or so it appeared to me. ;-)

Lynda said...

Excellent coverage, Rudi! You've outdone yourself!

WSU Fan said...

Institute of Religion is canceling classes tonight so that all students can go over to the game. For FREE!

Doug Gibson said...

Very proud of the Wildcats, playing hard through the postseason.

rudizink said...

Whoa! we just learner from the WSU Athletic Department that last night's crowd (10,583) "was the biggest in 10 years"!

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