Friday, April 12, 2013

Dan Schroeder Files Appeal in His Ongoing GRAMA Water Utilities Record Production Request

Grab some Orville Redenbackers and pull up your barcaloungers, folks, as Ogden's numero uno Ogden City government watchdog is unleashed upon bumbling Ogden City bureaucrats once again

Unleashed once again
In the wake of all the hoopla over Dan Schroeder's interim success in obtaining Ogden City's line item budget through his Ogden Budget/Water Utility GRAMA Requests, we'll reveal this morning that Ogden's most tireless Ogden City government watchdog now gears up for battle in a second leg of his ongoing government transparency quest.

As Weber County Forum readers who are following this story will recall, Ogden City officials had initially  refused to grant Dan access to two collections of city records: 1) Ogden City’s line-item budget, and the 2) the City’s utility customers' water use data. Upon receiving these materials according to terms of a stipulated agreement with Chief Deputy City Attorney Mara Brown, Dr. Schroeder has now however carefully examined these materials and found that while the City's line item budget record record production apparently conformed to the parties' "settlement" agreement, production of the City's utility customers' water use data did not.  In this connection we'll link a copy of a letter transmitted to Ogden City Recorder Tracy Hansen yesterday, enumerating the defects in Ogden City's utility customers' water use data record production, and formally appealing  the "city’s inadequate response" to his "records request dated 10 January 2013":
Grab some Orville Redenbackers and pull up your barcaloungers, folks, as Ogden's numero uno Ogden City government watchdog is unleashed upon bumbling Ogden City bureaucrats once again.


2947 said...

Why is Odgen City playing games with public records? What is the big deal with water use records?

rudizink said...

Two words:
Mark Johnson

good_reader1 said...

Let me add a liite side note. Upon selling my home and moving I closed all my utility accounts, 2 years later I recieved a dun notice from Bonniville Collections for an unpaid final water bill. Upon contacting Ogen Water they said it was turned over to collections, since I still had my listed cell number they never contacted me and just sent it to collections. That incured another fee and they stated a lot of older water bills were turned over to collections.
I sent a complaint to the Mayor, never recieved a response. I'm always on top of my bills and had never had one go to collections. I wonder how many were never notified or threw away this notice and now have their credit recored blemished. Paid the bill and added fee but it didn't give me a warm fuzzy for Ogden.

blackrulon said...

Do not hold Mark Johnson solely alone for this problem. Ogden city had the same reluctance to release poublic information under Godfrey. If Mayor Caldwell wanted the information released and/or made accessible he could make it happen. Johnson, as a city department head, serves at the pleasure of the Mayor.

Danny said...

Where is the mayor? Missing as usual? Why doesn't he just tell the bureaucrats to release the friggin data, now!

Caldwell needs to clean house said...

Mark Johnson was the director of Management Services, which oversees the Ogden City Recorders Office, for 8 years before he replaced John Patterson as Chief Administrative Officer. I wouldn't eliminate him as the source of the problem

blackrulon said...

If Mayor Mike considered Ogdens continual resistance and delaying tactics a problem he could order Johnson to make records and information more accessible. Since he hasn't made any response or comment he must approve of the practice. Caldwell could order Johnson to be more cooperative or if Johnson resists remove him and replace hi with someone more responsive.

rudizink said...

Good point, BR! And I'll submit that Mayor Mike's continuing silence on this issue speaks volumes.

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