Monday, April 01, 2013

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Militarization Versus Liberties - Updated

Let's have less talk and and more action, please

We'll direct our readers' attention to a strong editorial appearing moments ago on the Standard-Examiner website, expressing extreme and well warranted concern over the growing trend toward police militarization in general, and increasing local occurences of  once-per-week “door-kicking” commando-style, militarized police raids in particular.  Hopefully this same editorial will likewise show up in the S-E hard-copy edition very soon, for the edification of the S-E's print readership:
    "Better guidelines need to be established. If that’s done, the number of SWAT-style breaches should decline," says the S-E editorial board, citing the recent Matthew Stewart, Todd Blair, and the Hill Family cases, and the doubling of Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force warrant service operations over the past five years.

    We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that Mayor Mike and our Ogden City Council are attentively listening up. What should be clear from the video transcript of Tuesday's (March, 26, 2013) City Council session is that substntial numbers of outraged and liberty-loving Utah lumpencitizens expect less talk... and far more action.

    If it's necessary to transform this pressing and still-unattended issue into a 2013 Ogden Municipal Election issue, then so be it, we guess.

    So what say our gentle readers about all this?

    Update 4/2/13 6:30 a.m.: Just as we'd hoped, this fine editorial has now made its way to the S-E hard-copy edition:
    This is an issue which everyone within the Standard's readership needs to chew on, wethinks.

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      AWM said...

      "One of the consequences to the aftermath of Sept. 11, and the war on terrorism, is a creeping militarization of law enforcement agencies" That's the opening line of the Standards story you linked and I call BS on this statement. The militarization was happening long before the GWOT. If the GWOT did ANYTHING it quickened the pace of it. The GWOT is not responsible for the Weber County Narcotics Task Force policy to kick in the doors of non-violent, no prior felonies, honorably discharged, employed citizens of O-Town that are growing hemp. To insinuate so is pure unadulterated crap!

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