Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Tax Dollars for Shooting

The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys

It's nice that the county has a boost in its paramedic fund, but we expect the county to offer more information than merely that funds have "built up." If perhaps as much as $2.3 million of Weber taxpayers' funds is going to buy a gun range, we'll need to know how the excess money accumulated and why it should be used to buy a gun range that has apparently faltered as a private sector endeavor. The county has the responsibility to persuade residents that the $2.3 million doesn't have a better use than for shooting.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: Tax dollars for shooting
May 6, 2014

Top-notch online editorial from the Standard-Examiner this afternoon, questioning the "wisdom" of our Weber County Commission, in ripping off the Weber County "paramedic fund" to the tune of 2.3 million bucks,to finance the purchase the money-losing Swanson Corporation Tactical Training Center "Gun Range", which facility includes "[f]our partially-enclosed live fire ranges, complete with on-board camera systems and variable lighting, along with a "simulated urban comabat environment," etc, etc, etc. Crank up your sound and feast your eyes on the testosterone-induced video promo:

Here's the S-E editorial:
Our take?

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John B. said...

I just can't believe how Republicans like to increase the size of government. Maybe they will train the paramedics to just shoot the patient if they are uninsured?

blackrulon said...

If public tax dollars are used to purchase this while elephant business i would like an independent auditor to review the books prior to finalzing the sale. I wonder what other business that have gun ranges think about weber county government competing against them for customers? I can use any public library without additional costs, will i be allowed to use the gun range without additional costs? The only matter being currently discussed is the purchase price but what will be the amount of annual operating costs?

Danny said...

This is appalling.

First of all, it's sickening to see cops being trained in these military assault tactics, especially after the noteworthy murders of unarmed citizens by local law enforcement recently. This drug war nonsense has to stop. Or else the public needs to start shooting back like some have recently done.

Second, this reeks of being an insider deal. Some moron builds this fancy gun range, and it can't make ends meet, although it becomes quickly beloved by local bullet heads in law enforcement. So naturally, rather than let this dumb facility go belly-up, the cops want the half-wit politicians to keep it open for them. If local cops loved fishing as much as killing, they'd be asking for the county to buy them some trout ponds too. Either that, or the owner of this silly gun range has some close friendships with the politicians themselves.

Oh, and ain't the video great, seeing Ogden Metro Swat on the arm patch of some local bully, chewing gum and wearing camouflage, kicking back and getting some long-range sniper practice - you know - learning all these fun ways to kill comes in so handy here in Utah.

Chris B. said...

Wait are the a republican tea parties the ones saying the government is going to attack the American cities. Well here you go. You are building them a location to train for the day the will come to take your land and freedoms from you. Train in your cops in urban paramilitary tactics should be just the opposite of what they want.

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