Thursday, May 01, 2014

Provo Daily Herald: Former Candidate Criticizes Utah's Caucus Convention System

At least one unsuccessful 2014 GOP challenger becomes a convert to the open primary nomination system

Interesting story from the Provo Daily Herald, revealing another set of glaring defects in the current caucus/convention nomination system, which the 2014 Utah legislature mercifully augmented with an alternative statutory direct primary nomination procedural approach. Here's the lede:
A former congressional candidate has panned Utah's unique process of selecting candidates for the ballot.
Mark Hedengren, who ran against Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, for the Republican nomination in the 3rd District but lost at the state convention last Saturday as he only won 65 of the 1013 votes available, now says he supports the Count My Vote effort to change Utah's election process after being a candidate in the caucus convention system.
Hedengren said in an email to reporters that the current system is "pretty messed up" and the arguments traditionally made as to why the system is better than a direct primary process, such as that the current system prevents big money from taking over elections, aren't true.
Read the full story Daily Herald story, folks, setting forth exactly how Mr. Hedengren believes he was run through the GOP "wringer":
Mr. Hesterman complains that the caucus and convention system is "one big long fundraiser for the Utah Republican Party," among other things, and says that although "he did enjoy the experience of running for office ... it did not make him a convert to the caucus convention system."

"The state should have open primaries in the future," Mr. Hedengren adds.

Needless to say, we'll be sitting on the edge of our seat, watching to see how these dynamics play out in the 2016 Utah General Election, when Utah's new dual-track political nomination system is at long last unrolled.

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while I know it's over simplification...I'm leaning toward monarcy

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