Thursday, May 08, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Brigham City Doctor Gets Big Prison Time Reduction

"This being Utah, I'm sure the 'fix was in...'"

By: Ray

According to todays Salt Lake Tribune, convicted drug dealer Dr. Dewey McKay's sentence was "drastcally reduced" from twenty years to three, with credit for two years already served in the "slam":
Seems a bit excessive of a reduction for a felony drug dealer whose deeds were alleged to have caused his patients harm. I'm sure there are plenty of minor drug dealers who are not getting the same % reduction as Dr. McKay. But this being Utah, I'm sure the "fix was in...":

Comments, anyone?


John B. said...

The picture tells the whole story. Good job.

Heather said...

never a reason..... just a swipe of a pen

Aaron J. said...


blackrulon said...

Interesting front page on todays S-E. A juvenile, who took part in a robbery, got 15 years in prison. a accomplice in the robbery got a much lighter sentence, while a doctor, who helped cause a death got his sentence drastically reduced.

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