Sunday, May 04, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Bell Denounces Any Use of Weber Library Bond for Gun Range Purchase - Updated

Too bad the Weber County Democrats couldn't muster a couple of candidates to at least run against the present Weber County GOP tyranny

As a follow-up to our 4/24/14 WCF story, wherein we "connected the dots" between two Cathy McKitrick/Standard-Examiner stories of the same date, and speculated that our "Weber County Commission [was taking] the "Tried and True 'Bait and Switch' Tactic to a Whole New Level", we'll observe this morning that our conjecture that our Weber County Commission is in the process of "raping" library bond funds for the purchase of the Swanson Tactical Training Center gun range seems to have gained some traction within the Weber County lumpencitizen community.

In that connection, we'll  shine the spotlight on the latest glorious S-E offering from the ever-journalisticallly yeoman-like (and exceedingly smart) Cathy McKitrick.  For starters, here's the lede:
OGDEN -- Weber County Commissioner Matthew Bell weighed in Wednesday on whether he would consider using savings from the $45 million library bond to help fund the purchase of an indoor gun range.
"Absolutely not. Ain't ever going to happen," Bell said. "The bond is specific for doing library improvements, and that's what we're going to do."
Read Ms. McKitrick's latest story, for the full "skinny":
And do not fail to check out the underlying Disqus comments section beneath Ms. McKitrick's story, where, as of this juncture, scores of upset people who ACTUALLY voted the recent Library Bond Election (which election our Commission seems about to nullify) are free-wheeling, lambasting, and generally throwing in their own angry 2¢.

Seems to us that if the Commission axes library bond funding by any significant degree, and yet approves the"white elephant" gun range purchase, such an embarrassing departure from "democratic" reality will reveal our financially "tight-fisted" Commissioner Bell to be a dissembler, deceiver and rhetorical trickster, don'tcha think?

Too bad the Weber County Democrats couldn't muster a couple of candidates to at least run against the present Weber County GOP tyranny, YES?

Update 5/6/14 9:40 a.m.: Via Cathy McKitrick: "This [above-linked] story actually had an update that went into last Friday's print edition but didn't make it online until today. The county found the remaining funds to buy the Swanson gun range last week."

It thus appears that the gun-range purchase is a done deal. Rather than to dip into the library bond fund, their be tapping money which has been layin' around "idle" in the "paramedic fund."



John b. said...

A new library with an emphasis on the history of guns. With hands on experience with them. A community asset.

Danny said...

Interesting articles. On the suicide mosquito, yay!

On the bacteria that turns gold chloride into gold, well, now we just need a whole lot of gold chloride and the bacteria. Wait, where to we get gold chloride? Oh yeah, we have to find it. Darn. Disappointed again.

Weber County Voter said...

What about a write in candidate..Peter Clemens might have some time to offer.

Marco said...

I have no problem at all with County commissioners who're watching to make sure our taxpayer money is well spent, Rudy, but Commissioner Bell's action, in essential voiding the public vote on the library bond, is so over the top as to be properly described as 'tyranny," just as you've described it.

rudizink said...

I'm in total agreement, Marco. In fact, that's my main beef in re this.

Marco said...

Maybe its time for a lawsuit.

Ray said...

New Topic: According too todays Salt Lake Tribune, " Brigham City Doctors sentence reduced" Convicted drug dealer Dr. Dewey McKay's sentence was cut from 20 years to 3. Seems a bit excessive of a reduction for a felony drug dealer whose deeds were alleged to have caused his patients harm. I'm sure there are plenty of minor drug dealers who are not getting the same % reduction as Dr. McKay. But being Utah, I'm sure the fix was in...

I pay my taxes said...

I'm sad that conservatives are trying to push this shooting range on us taxpayers, Lets get some real conservatives in office and protect our future.

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