Friday, May 16, 2014

Libertas Institute:Tax Dollars for a Gun Range?

Yesiree, our purportedly "fiscally conservative" Utah public servants will always be tight-fisted with our hard-earned taxpayer monies... except, of course... when the're not
It’s important to point out that Utahns around the state were required to help fund the purchase of a gun range in a single location, benefitting only those in the surrounding area. Residents of St. George, Vernal, Provo, and other cities around the state should not be forced to subsidize a facility that does not benefit them in any way. If Weber County officials wanted to convince residents of the alleged need to purchase the facility outright—and therefore require them to pay not only for its purchase, but also its ongoing maintenance—then they should have proposed a bond to the residents in that community along with the resulting tax increase. Instead, we once against witnessed the path of least resistance being followed—the lobbying effort to receive a portion of taxes taken from all Utahns, almost all of whom do not even realize how their money has now been used.
Libertas Institute
Tax Dollars for a Gun Range?
May 15, 2014

Here's a thoughtful editorial from the libertarian-oriented Libertas Institute about last month's $3.8 Swanson Tactical Center gun range purchase, which has also been the subject of several recent Weber County Forum rants:
Yesiree, folks. As Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack correctly observes, our purportedly "fiscally conservative" Utah public servants will always be tight-fisted with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars... except, of course... when the're not. Yes?

It's the same old story all over again, we guess... and the beat goes on...


Bob Becker said...

Should have called for a public vote on a bond to pay for the gun range? But why waste the money a bond election would take, since the Weber County Commission had made it clear the public's voting for such bonds doesn't count for squat.

BlueSky said...

If the money taken from the EMT fund wasn't needed, it should have been used for water infrastructure repairs that would benefit all Weber County citizens instead of this boy-toy facility that will benefit only a few.

blackrulon said...

There is a need for the county to give equal consideration to all calls for public monies. However it appears that the need for a gun range is more equal than other considerations.

From_Utah said...

"No one believes more firmly than [our Weber County Commissioners] that all [Ogdenites] are
equal. [They] would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for
yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades,
and then where should we be?" --Weber County Commissioners

Janet V. said...

what can 1 individual do...? such as myself

rudizink said...

For starters, you can sign the petition, if you haven't already done so:

Janet V. said...


Danny said...

Utah is classic conservative. Peanuts for services and millions for cronies. Look at the soccer field in SLC. Millions of dollars in public money for nothing - nothing but a ball field for some rich guy's team to play on.

Ray said...

Nice to see the Standard Examiner get on board with an outstanding Our View column on the early release of Dr. McKay today

As they stated at the end of their Op Ed, "What's the point?"

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