Monday, June 23, 2014

Big Doin's in Weber County Tomorrow; 2014 Weber County Primary Election - Updated

And what do we constantly do at Weber County Forum?  Answer:  Prove the Standard-Examiner wrong, of course. 

Good news this afternoon for Weber County lumpencitizens, as we prepare clear the first hurdle of the 2014 Elections season, all day tomorrow, between 7am and 8pm. The ever-exciting Weber County primaries will be held all day tomorrow, featuring a Weber County Primary which no self-respecting GOP registered voter, or crossover voter, will want to miss. For those lumpencitizens who don't want to miss all the exciting action, we've been googling all morning; and here's what's in store:
Here are the high points wethinks:

1) Incumbent professional career surveyor and certified County Recorder Ernest Rowley is squaring of with his "uppity" office underling Leeann Kilts, who can apparenty barely read a map. Well give the nod in this race to Mr. Rowley on this one however, although we'll compliment Ms. Kilts, in support of whom, the always misguided Matthew "Boss" Godfrey, Ogden City's #1 contrarian indicator, has a lawn sign in his yard, on her behalf.

Call us old-fashioned. We're recommending Rowley in this race, due to our stubborn insistence that our County Surveyor ought to be a REAL surveyor.

2) Over in the House Leg. 7 race, we have two GOP candidates with all the right crackpot GOP credentials"Both Dan Deuel, 40. and Justin Fawson, 38, favor limited government, love their country,  limited government, hold concealed carry permitsand are devoted members of the National Rifle Association."  Seriously; we are not making this up.

In this race, of course, your blogmeister will be voting "none of the above."

3) And in the Weber County School Board District 3 race, it'll be a real crap-shoot, inasmuch as none of the candidates in this race have an iota of campaign info up on the internet, aside from their financial disclosure statements.

Good luck, Weber County Lumpencitizens, as the Standard-Examiner predicts that nobody(almost) will show up for tomorrow's voting.

And what do we constantly do at Weber County Forum?  Answer:  We consistently prove the Standard-Examiner wrong, of course.

Added bonus: Find your polling place:
Update 6/24/14 8:00 a.m.: The Standard chimes in with this morning editorial, urging GOP affiliated voters to go to the polls and vote:
Do your civic duty, folks!

And the Standard reports on this recent House Legislative 7 dustup, which adds a modicum of excitement to today's Primary:

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