Thursday, June 12, 2014

Standard-Examiner: City Eyes $5M West Ogden Land Buy

A heartyWeber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the Ogden City Council and Mayor Mike, for aggressively tackling the long-neglected blight problem on Ogden's West Side.

Via Standard-Examiner reporter Mitch Shaw:

The "post-apocalyptic" part of Ogden is getting a face lift. Here's the lede:
OGDEN — Though the original iteration of the concept sat dormant for 25 years, a project to develop a large portion of West Ogden is now gaining some major momentum.
Ogden City wants to purchase $5.9 million worth of land on just over 50 acres surrounding the vacant Ogden Exchange Building near the old stockyards in West Ogden. The five individual properties are sought by the city so they can begin a redevelopment project being called the Ogden Business Exchange.
The city is working with an undisclosed developer to build a light-manufacturing, industrial and business park in the area, which city officials say will spearhead growth in an area of Ogden that has been void of any major business activity for years.
The project is included in an economic development project area called the Trackline Economic Development Plan, which was adopted last year by the city council to assist with financing the OBE park.
Read Mr. Shaw's encouraging full story here:
A hearty Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the Ogden City Council and Mayor Mike, for aggressively tackling the long-neglected blight problem on Ogden's West Side.

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blackrulon said...

5 million for another redevopment project in Ogden. Wouldn't building this 'light manufacturing, industrial and business park" just be added competion for the Ogden funded Ogden Industrial Patk and Business Depot Ogden? There is still lots of space and vacant buildings in the other parks.. it appears the only competion for Ogdens other business projects is being funded by Ogden.

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