Monday, June 16, 2014

Breaking: Suit Seeks to Block Utah Newspaper Deal, Argues It Dooms The Tribune

Pop up some Orville Redenbachers and pull up your La-Z-Boys, folks

Fascinating development in the Deseret News/Salt Lake Tribune brouhaha, as the Trib's Tony Semerad reports that a local entity identifed as Citizens for Two Voices, composed of  "[e]x-Trib employees, [a] key lawmaker and top advertiser" has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court seeking injunctive and declaratory relief to "immediately halt financial dealings between the paper and its main rival, the LDS Church-owned Deseret News":

Read up, folks:
Here's the online complaint, for those legal eagles who'd like to read up:
Pop up some Orville Redenbachers and  pull up your La-Z-Boys, O Gentle
. This one's going to be interesting to watch.

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