Saturday, June 14, 2014

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s Last-in-Nation Spending on Students Fell Even Further

Reality Check: Utah used to spend roughly double on public education

Via Eric Ethington

Utah: Dead-Ass Last
Utah! The "best managed state," where the absolutely critical emergency situation of neighborhood schools keeps getting worse.
Every time I talk to a Republican legislator about this, they all say the same thing: "We spend 2/3 Of our budget on education, so of course we care!" Here's the problem, that's nothing but PR spin. Education is 2/3 Of Utah's budget because the GOP leadership keeps cutting taxes for businesses. Do plenty of businesses love Utah for that? You bet. But the cost is our kids. Utah used to spend roughly double on public education, it was only a few decades ago, when Democrats held more seats in state government. But as soon as the GOP gained a super majority, public education immediately went on the chopping block, as these conservatives keep pushing for things they can make money on (like online course software and charter schools):
When are the people of Utah going to realize that Republicans like Senators Stephenson and Osmond, or Reps like Lockhart and Dee, are lying when they say "education is a priority?"


blackrulon said...

The story is being given the wrong spin. Utah is not last in spending on students. Utah is the foundation that the other states base their spending per student to rise above the bottom.

Marko said...

It's pretty straightforward, In fact. Republicans disdain ';the common people,

John B. said...

Good article, but the adults with six kids in public schools are those Gop'ers. So I sure don't have an answer except maybe they don't want their children to be smarter than them.

Smaatguy said...

Well, as someone that leans slightly to the right...but also to the left at times and sends their kid to a private school (that incidentally puts less burden on public education and I don't whine about vouchers) that spends LESS than the state does and does a better job I have a tough time with the "throwing money" at the problem solution...maybe the public education system could take a few cues from the private schools....less administration loafers... AKA over paid boards and such...and highly over built rarely works in any form of government to just throw money at a problem...ok...running for cover now :)

blackrulon said...

Interesting theory. Perhaps some day the idea of "throwing money" at a problem will apply to the defense budget.

smaatguy said...

I agree, but in this case I think it does apply. Why is it that public schools need $250+/sf construction budgets and private don't....and all those administrators...well that's nausiatung too.... How about that waste heading back to the classroom. On a similar has all the federal stimulus really helped the economy....other than just kick the can down the road. To me its all about accountability.

blackrulon said...

I believe the small amount Utah spends per pupil is just part of the Utah plan to help other states. This way, no matter how low their spending is, they csn claim thjey are still better than Utah. Oh, by the way try to convinve thepeople in charge of the military spending to take less money.

Monotreme said...

"states with higher levels of corruption are likely to favor construction, salaries, borrowing, correction, and police protection at the expense of social sectors such as education, health and hospitals.”"

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