Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Terrible Negotiating Strategy: The Utah Republican Party Goes All or Nothing on SB 54

To his friend James Evans, Lockhart would say that his legacy hangs in the balance.

On the heels of Utah GOP heavyweight Dan Liljenquist's scathing 05/0215 Deseret News guest editorial, former Utah GOP Chairman Stan Lockhart unleashed another blictering critique of current GOP "leadership's" handling of the SB54 candidate nomination compromise "problem" on the pages of Utah Politico Hub yesterday afternoon.

"Utah has gone over the last several decades from one of the highest voter participation States to one of the lowest. Endless debate abounds as to the reasons why," Mr. Lockhart asks. "[Because The Utah] Republican Party has demonstrated over and over again the last three years that they have no interest in more voter participation," he quite properly concludes.

Read up folks. We do believe Mr. Lockhart squarely "nails it":
Mr. Lockhart neatly ties it all up in his summary paragraphs, wethink:
The Utah Republican Party’s most recent proposals of a $10,000 fee for candidates to run as Republicans and a purity test for all Republican candidates are just more evidence of being out of touch with reality. This exclusionary thinking goes against the fundamental purpose of a political Party and makes the Party irrelevant in the entire discussion of getting more people involved in Utah’s political process. The more the Party makes outlandish proposals, the more they prove the CMV hypothesis that those with power within the Utah Republican Party are so power-hungry they won’t give up that power even if by doing so more Utah voters will get involved. It is a sad state of affairs. 
Many say that all of this Republican Party dysfunction is a failure of Party leadership to lead. As a former Republican Party Chair, I know just how difficult it is to lead a Party. The most difficult responsibility of a Party Chair is to propose Party direction that challenges Central Committee preference. Almost all Chairs face that dilemma and their legacy becomes how they handled those difficult issues. To my friend James Evans, I would say that his legacy hangs in the balance.
Our take? James. Evans' very survival as State GOP Chairman hangs in the balance, as Utah GOP warhorses such as Mr. Lockhart keep "piling on," (if you take our meaning):
Comments anyone? Ferris?

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