Monday, May 11, 2015

Online Survey: Utah Lumpencitizens Urged to Weigh in on GOP Candidate Requirements

We urge all Weber County Forum political wonks to throw in your own 2¢, inasmuch as befuddled Utah GOP "leadership" was gracious enough to ask

Well lookie here, folks. In its tireless effort to avoid the perceived ill effects of the of the SB54 candidate nomination compromise, the Utah GOP is conducting a survey.  Here's the lede from Lisa Riley Roche's full Deseret News story:
MURRAY — Salt Lake County GOP delegates were urged Saturday to participate in a state party survey about what requirements candidates must meet to run as Republicans under a new law being challenged in court.
"We do have to move forward and prepare for 2016," Utah GOP Chairman James Evans told the more than 1,000 county delegates gathered at Cottonwood High School for their annual convention.
He said the party can't afford to lose its focus on the upcoming election "because we don't want a Democrat to gain even an inch in Salt Lake County or anywhere else in this state."
Read the full story, O Gentle Readers:
Here's the "nitty-gritty":
The state party survey, which went out last week, lets Republicans weigh in on some of the controversial proposals that have surfaced to deal with changes made to the candidate nominating process in SB54.
The proposals include requiring would-be Republican candidates to meet with party officials, attest to their support of the party platform and, for the first time, pay a yet-to-be determined fee before being allowed to run.
The survey also asks whether Republican candidates should lose their party membership for choosing to bypass the caucus and convention system in favor of the newly available option of gathering signatures for a spot on the primary ballot.
Results of the survey, being conducted by mail and online, are scheduled to be discussed Tuesday at a meeting of the state GOP's executive committee. The final decision on the proposals will be made at the party's state convention in August.
A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to D-news reporter Lisa Riley Roche, for providing the link to the online survey, wherein Utah GOP "leaders" seem to be reaching out (surprise of surprises) to find out what Utah voters think:
We thus urge all Weber County Forum political wonks to click this link, fill out the survey and throw in your own 2¢, inasmuch as befuddled Utah GOP leadership (so-called) was gracious enough to ask for your input.

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