Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Utah Political Capitol: Colorado Group Files Complaint Alleging Utah Lawmaker’s Organization is Illegally Lobbying

Under Colorado law, a violatrion of the applicable statutes carry both civil and criminal penalties

Ivory: "Ethics? Schmethics!"
As a followup to our earlier reporting on the nefarious activities of Utah House District 47's Representative Ken Ivory, we'll highlight this blockbuster May 6, 2015 Utah Political Capital story, wherein reporter Eric Etherington reports that Mr. Ivory, and his American Lands Council (ALC) have landed in a bit of hot water, concerning alleged illegal lobbying activity in our neighboring Centenial State.  Here's the lede, folks:
Denver – A complaint has been filed against Utah Representative Ken Ivory’s (Republican – South Jordan) American Lands Council in Colorado, alleging that the organization has been illegally lobbying without registering in the state or reporting its income.
Under Colorado law, organizations are required to register to lobby with the state before they begin trying to influence the outcome of any legislation or an election.
“It’s different than the federal law,” says Peg Perl, senior counsel for Colorado Ethics Watch – the nonprofit that filed the complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State. “Under [the federal law], there’s a threshold and you can do a little bit [of lobbying] before you register. But in Colorado, you must do it first and right away.
The complaint stems from an email Representative Ivory’s American Lands Council (ALC) sent to Colorado residents on April 22nd, asking them to contact specific state lawmakers to persuade them to vote in favor of a bill that could advance ALC’s goal of taking control of all public lands away from the United States and giving it to individual states to manage.
Read Mr. Etherington's full story here:
"This isn’t the first time American Lands Council has run afoul of potential ethical violations outside of Utah. In February, a Montana state senator’s aide was asked to leave the Capitol after it was discovered that he was simultaneously being paid as a lobbyist by ALC," Mr. Etherington helpfully adds.

Added bonus:  Under Colorado law, a violation of the applicable statutes carries both civil and criminal penalties, folks:
Needless to say, Weber County Forum will be keeping a close watch, as Representative Ivory and his ALC organization attempt to blithely tiptoe around this latest legal blunder 

We'll keep you informed as this story develops, of course.

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